Youth Sprint Triathlon

  WHEN: Sunday, May 5, 2024

WHERE: Clark Henry Park 

WHAT: Get ready for an action-packed Youth Triathlon! This event combines swimming, biking, and running for a day of fitness, fun, and friendly competition. Join us and make unforgettable memories while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Please contact the Parks & Recreation department for volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. 

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AGES 7-9                      AGES 10-12

75 m Swim                     100 m swim 

1.5 mile bike ride            1.5 mile bike ride

.5 mile run                       1.5 mile run 




Q. What is the youth triathlon and the route during the entire race?

  1. This will be a first triathlon for most of our kids.To help explain to them what to expect, we have included a route map.The race starts with all kids in the swimming pool, then they will hop on their bikes for a great ride around and finish up with a fun run to the finish line, where there will be medals and donuts. ??

Q. What would the race look like for your child?

A.  The race starts with the swimming portion.  After your child has set up their bike, putting on their ankle chip, place their running shoes, helmet and t-shirt (with bib number already pinned on it), the Volunteers will direct them to the entrance closest to the Pavilion( they will need their swim cap on and googles ready).  This is where they will be placed in their allocated heats for age and swim strength.  They will swim their laps ( 3 for 7-9 group and 4 for 10-12 group), in which they will exit the pool with no assistance from parents and leave from the Main Pool Entrance into the parking lot.  They will go to their bike space (which will have the matching number to their bib), put on their running shoes, t-shirt with bib number and helmet.  They will quickly walk their bikes to the bike starting point near the path. Do not worry volunteers will be everywhere to direct the children.  The children will bike the route mapped out on the path and around the schools, volunteers are placed all through the course.  They will finish the bike route by hoping off their bikes before they enter the TRANSITION AREA, they will then find their numbered bike space again and place their bike down or with kick stand and exit to the running course.  After their run distance, once again signs and volunteers will be posted everywhere to help, they will finish through the FINISH LINE where they receive their medal and hand over their ankle chip.


Q.  Can parents help their kids throughout the race?

A.  Their will be many volunteers at all points of the course, so we ask that once you help your child set up in the TRANSITION AREA before the race starts, that you do not help them through out the race.


Q. Will there be placements?

A.  Every participant will get a finisher medal at the Finish Line but we will be over special place awards for 1rst, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group.

Q. What are the distances per age group?



AGES 7-9                      AGES 10-12

75 m Swim                     100 m swim 

1.5 mile bike ride            1.5 mile bike ride

.5 mile run                       1.5 mile run 


Q: When do you recommend we arrive?

A. Please arrive around 7am to ensure no late times and no stressed kids. The first swim heat for ages 10-12 will start at 8am.  Please have the kids checked at the CHECK IN station, next to the pool parking lot entrance, where they will collect their ankle timing chips and then set up in the TRANSITION AREA  with their bike ( pool parking lot).  Their will be plenty of Volunteer around to help parents and kids.

Q: When will my child be starting?

A. The swim portion is the first leg of our triathlon.  The swimmers will be separated by age group (7-9 and 10-12) which the older kids started first heat.  If your child is a fast swimmer we will set them up at the front of their heat and if you feel your child will be more comfortable swimming slowly, then we will put them near the end of their heat. 

Q: When can I expect a race to be over?

A. The triathlon starts at 8am and will end with the last participant crossing the finish line.  We expect to only go to around 11am to include all ranges of athletes and times.

Q: Are you still looking for volunteers? How can I help?

A. Volunteers are always wanted and since this is a Youth event, we ask for more.  Please contact Isaac Recinos at to help sign up.


Q: Where should I park?

  1. Please park at the Jersey Village High School parking area and walk your bikes to the TRANSITION AREA near the swimming pool. ( refer to map available)

Q: What are the most commonly asked questions and answers about the swim?

  • Wear any swimsuit you have that is comfortable. There is no need to purchase a new competitive swim suit. Just use what your athlete feels comfortable with for all three events.
  • Swim goggles and caps are optional. Each athlete will be given a swim cap in their bags which will be color coded for the age group they are in.
  • Swimmers will START in the water (no diving).
  • Any stroke is acceptable.
  • No boards or flippers allowed.
  • The swimming will be “snake” route, which means the swimmers will go up one lane, go under the lane rope and go down.Passing can be done at the end of the lane ropes
  • Swimmers may touch the wall or use a flip turn.
  • Timing chips will record start times based on the wave start time. That is, please don’t be late to get in the water
  • Lifeguards and volunteers will be their to assist the athletes, we ask parents not to try and help.But we encourage all positive reinforcement cheering for all. ??

Q: Can I help my child in the transition area?

A: Parents will be allowed to help their child set up in the TRANSITION AREA but not be allowed in the area once it is closed at 7:30am.  Volunteers will be there to help all athletes in the area during the entire race.

Q: Information needed for transition area?


  1. Notes about bike/helmets are required/shirts with bid number already pinned before race starts/running shoes ready and laid by bike.The children can not get on their bikes until their have exited the TRANSITION AREA and directed by volunteer to hop on by the trail.

Q: Are participants allowed to wear headphones?

A: For safety reasons, No.

Q. What will happen during the run portion of race?

A.  The racers will be running on the sidewalks except when crossing the street, where volunteers will be posted to assist.  They will follow their route for their age group and all finish up at the FINISH LINE where they will receive their medals and drop off their timing chips.

Q.  Can we grab our child’s bike right after they finish the race?

A.  No one will be able to get their bikes and personal items from the TRANSITION AREA until after all racers have crossed the line. 

Holiday Decorating Competition 

We invite all residents to decorate their homes this holiday to be judged by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee! The homes decorated "Most Merry" and "Most Bright" will receive commemorative winners signs! There will be 14 winners announced on social media December 15th. 




Bingo Nights 

Family Bingo Night: 

Friday, January 12th at 6:30PM at the Jersey Village Civic Center. Concessions will be available for purchase. First Bingo card is free. The rest can be obtained through a donation (no minimum). All proceeds will go to local non-profit Loving Arms Pet Placement. 


Adult Bingo Night (21+):

Friday, January 19th at 6:30PM at the Jersey Village Civic Center. Join us for adult bingo night (21+) for a chance to win some great prizes! First Bingo card is free. The rest can be obtained through a donation (no minimum). All proceeds will go to local non-profit Loving Arms Pet Placement.