Important Election Information
Sec. 3.01 of the City's Charter provides that the regular election of members of the council to the positions to be filled on the council shall be held on the first election date authorized by state law (1st Saturday in May) at a place or places designated by the council by ordinance.  At every such election such voter shall not vote for more than one (1) candidate for each council position to be filled. Such election shall be ordered by the mayor, and in the event of his failure to order the same, the council shall make such order.


For information regarding the various positions on City Council that come up for election, visit the Council Member Page on this website.

To be eligible to vote during an election, you must register to vote at least thirty (30) days before an election.  Voter registration responsibilities for the City of Jersey Village are carried out by the Harris County Tax Collector.  On-line information can be obtained from their website.

For information about uniform election dates in Texas, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.


Voter Information Document:  English    -    Spanish

COVID safe voting practices for voters.

Posting Signs on Public Property - Guidelines
For information concerning elections, please contact the City Secretary at 713-466-2102