Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee was appointed by the City Council in May of 2020. The Committee has four tasks. They are:

  1. Inquire into the progress and implementation of the comprehensive plan.
  2. Evaluate any changes in conditions that form the basis of the comprehensive plan.
  3. Evaluate community support for the comprehensive plan's goals, strategies, and actions.
  4. Recommend changes to the comprehensive plan to the planning and zoning commission, who in turn shall make a final recommendation to city council.


The members of the committee are

Debra Mergel Regular Member
Jennifer McCrea Regular Member
Courtney Standlee Regular Member
Ashley Hart Regular Member
Brittany  Davies Regular Member
Peter  Jessup Regular Member
Amy Weyer Regular Member
Judy Tidwell Alternate Member 1
Gabriella Cole
Alternate Member 2
Anthony Martin Alternate Member 3