Crime Control and Prevention District
About the Crime Control and Prevention District
The Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) is authorized by Section 363 of the Texas Local Government Code and is created and renewed by a vote of Jersey Village citizens.  The citizens of Jersey Village first voted to establish CCPD in 1998 for a five-year period.  The District was renewed in 2003 for a ten-year period and again in 2013 for a ten-year period.  The District was renewed for an additional five (5) years in May of 2021.  The next continuation election will be held in May 2028.
Board of Directors
CCPD activities are monitored and evaluated by seven board members.  These board members include six Council Members and the City Manager.  Any requested expenditure must be presented to the Board for approval at public meetings prior to use of CCPD funds.
Fund Utilization
CCPD funding comes from a ½ cent sales and use tax.  The revenue generated by this ½ cent tax has allowed the Jersey Village Police Department to improve the efficiency and the level of service provided to our citizens.  Funds are used for items such as:
  • Salary, uniforms, and training for 9 full-time police officers
  • LEADS online and other various Crime prevention software
  • Lab Tests for Sexual Assaults
  • Departmental radio system costs
  • New vehicle purchase as needed
  • Automobile liability
  • Special equipment purchases and maintenance, including AFIS
  • Departmental telephone system-related costs
  • Federal and state mandates
CCPD Budget
Each year, revenue and necessary expenses are thoroughly evaluated and a proposed budget is created.  Since CCPD funds are needed in so many areas of police operations, a thorough evaluation is necessary to ensure funds are allocated where most needed.  The proposed budget then goes before CCPD Board of Directors for approval.  The CCPD's most recent approved budget amounts are as follows:
  • Fiscal year 2017-2018 approved budget amount is $4,197,346
  • Fiscal year 2016-2017 approved budget amount was $3,223,373
  • Fiscal year 2015-2016 approved budget amount was $2,788,142

These amounts include a projected increase in sales tax revenue and all departmental costs.  A comprehensive breakdown of the budget; both current and prior years, may be found here.

The CCPD has consistently contributed to the quality of life in Jersey Village thru enhanced police service. Without issue the CCPD has historically provided the ability for specific task programming and essential tools to meet citizen needs.  For more information about program details, visit our FAQ page.