HR Office
To provide leadership and partnership in creating and implementing innovative strategies in order to meet the current and emerging human resources needs of the diverse population of employees and citizens of the City of Jersey Village.
To provide support and direction in functional areas such as:
  • Recruitment and selection (i.e. job descriptions, selection tools, background checks, offers)
  • Compensation (i.e. methods, consistency, market, job analysis/audit)
  • Employee relations (i.e. performance management, disciplinary procedures, employee recognition)
  • Mandated benefits (i.e. social security, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation, COBRA/HIPPA)
  • Benefits (i.e. insurance, time off benefits, flexible benefits, retirement plans)
  • Payroll (i.e. time entry, garnishments, distribution)
  • Recordkeeping (i.e. HRIS, personnel files, confidential records, I-9, other forms)
  • Training and development (i.e. new employee orientation, staff development, technical and safety, leadership, tuition reimbursement, career planning)
  • Employee communications (i.e. handbook, recognition programs, announcements, electronic communication)
  • Internal communications (i.e. policies and procedures, management development, management reporting)
  • Legal (i.e. compliance with local, state, and federal employment law)
Application for Employment:
Please refer to the “Employment Opportunities” area  for current/continuous recruitment employment opportunities and the City of Jersey Village Application for Employment.  Applications are only accepted in response to advertised openings and must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the stated closing date, if applicable, or will not be considered.  If interested in more than one vacancy, a separate application must be completed for each position.  Please refer to the section titled, “Statement”, on the application, for important, additional information.
All personnel related matters should be directed as follows:
Human Resources
City of Jersey Village
16501 Jersey Drive
Jersey Village TX 77040
(713) 466-2142
(713) 466-2171 FAX

*Note*: Requests to verify employment must be sent in writing to the address or fax number listed above.