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Each year, as part of the Capital Improvement Plan, the City Council authorizes a variety of projects. A number of the projects come from the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by the City in 2016. This page is designed with the goal of keeping residents informed as to what projects are budgeted, a timeline of completion, and major milestones as they occur. 

For projects that deal with flood mitigation, such as the Berm and Wall Street Neighborhood Drainage project, and home elevations, please refer to our Long Term Flood Recovery Page.

You can also find costs for these projects on our Open Finance Portal

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Gateway, Marquee, Wayfinding, Building and Street Signs


Gateway and Marquee Signs

The Gateway and Marquee Signs were a project that came from the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. In 2018 the City Council adopted the Gateways and Wayfinding Master Plan. The plan also included new street signs that incorporated the city logo. 

For FY 2019 and FY 2020 the City Council allocated $1 million each year (for $2 million total) for the project. For budgetary reasons the project was split in two phases. After several discussions with Harris County and no movement towards approval, some gateways originally planned to be in Phase 1 were moved to Phase 2. 

The types of signs, locations for them, and the phase for each are as follows. 

Sign Location Sign Type Project Phase
1 North Eldridge Pkwy and US 290 Large Gateway Phase 2
2 Philippine and Beltway 8 Large Gateway Phase 2
3 Jones Road near FM 529 Large Gateway TBD
4 Jones Road south of US 290 Large Gateway TBD
5 Jersey Drive at Lakeview near Fire Station Marquee Sign Phase 1
6 Senate Ave and Seattle St Marquee Sign Phase 2
7 Philippine Street and Equador Street Marquee Sign Phase 1
8 Village Drive and Rio Grande Marquee Sign Phase 1
9 Jones Road at Jersey Meadow Marquee Sign Phase 1
10 Jones Road near Wyndham Lake Blvd Small Gateway Phase 2
11 Senate Ave at US 290 Small Gateway Phase 2
12 Jersey Drive at US 290 Small Gateway Phase 1
13 Jones Road north of US 290 Small Gateway Phase 2
14 Steeple Way and US 290 Small Gateway Phase 2
15 West Road and US 290 Small Gateway Phase 2


Phase 1 Status

The contract to work with Clark Condon for the design of the Phase 1 project was approved by City Council in October 2018. As noted earlier Phase 1 was modified to remove signs in the Harris County Right Of Way and the full contract amount will not be spent. The Phase 2 contract contains the rest of these signs.

In October 2019 the City Council awarded the contract for Phase 1 of the signs to be completed. The original contract amount was $278,241.39.

The marquee sign on Philippine near Equador was modified from the original design to ensure the electrical components were adequately the base flood elevation as required by local ordinances. 

As of November 17, 2020 the project is substantially complete. There are a few punch list items that need to be completed before Phase 1 is finalized. Those items should be completed by November 20. 

As of November 30 the project is complete. With two change orders for the project the final cost for Phase 1 construction came to $294,478.51. 


Phase 2

In November 2019 the City Council authorized a contract with Clark Condon for Phase 2 of the design and construction management of the gateway and wayfinding signs project. 

As of mid-October 2020 Phase 2 is under design. A traffic engineer is assisting Clark Condon and the City to study traffic patterns, at the request of Harris County, around the areas where the gateways and signs will be installed. The initial study has been completed and is waiting for feedback from Harris County. Design and permitting work should be completed by early 2021, with this portion of the project out to bid in the spring of 2021. 


Wayfinding and Building Signs

On September 21, 2020 the City Council authorized a contract for wayfinding and building signs. 

For building signage there will be new signs at City Hall, Police, Fire Station, and Public Works. There will also be new signs at Carol Fox Park and Clark Henry Park. The current signs at the parks will not be removed. The sign at City Hall would be built so it could be removed when City Hall moves and the foundation of the sign could be reused for a new sign for whatever is at the current location.

For the wayfinding signs 8 locations where identified:

  • Jones and Village Green
  • Village Dr near Rio Grande
  • Jersey Dr near Fire Station
  • Senate and Seattle
  • Senate and Lakeview
  • 2 on Lakeview at Jersey (one going each direction)
  • Lakeview and Philippine 

The new signs were installed November 12, 2020. The total cost for this project was $17,970.


Street Signs

The Street Signs were replaced in the fall of 2018 to the current ones we have today. The cost of this was $4,340.

The conceptual drawings of the different types of signs are seen below. Click on the image to see a larger version of it. 

City Gateway Signs
Wayfinding Signs


Clark Henry Park Play Structure


As part of the FY21 budget (which starts on 10/01/2020) the City Council authorized $75,000 for a new playground structure at Clark Henry Park. Staff is currently evaluating options for a structure, including turnkey installation, that can be installed. 

Pool Amenity

The City is going to replace the diving board at Clark Henry pool, which broke during the 2020 swim season. As of mid-October 2020 Parks and Recreation Staff are obtaining pricing on various options for a new feature. The options being considered include:

  • A diving board
  • A rock wall
  • An inflatable obstacle course 

The Parks and Recreation committee will review the options, and the public will have the opportunity to weigh in on their choice via a survey this winter. The new amenity will be ready for the opening of the pool season in May 2021.