Village Center Local Government Corporation (VCLGC)

On June 17, 2019, the City Council of the City of Jersey Village established the Village Center Local Government Corporation (VCLGC).

The VCLGC was organized for the purpose of:

1.  Aiding, assisting, and acting on behalf of the City in the performance of any and all of the City’s governmental functions related to the implementation of the Project and Financing Plans (the “Plans”) of the City’s Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Two (the “TIRZ”), as such Plans relate in any way to the hotel and hospitality industry now or may exist within the TIRZ;

2.  Promoting, developing, encouraging, and maintaining economic development within the TIRZ; and

3.  Administering, managing, and supervising economic development vehicles and tools implemented by or on behalf of the City for the hotel and hospitality industry within the TIRZ.

The VCLGC shall have and exercise all of the rights, powers, privileges, authority, and functions given by the general laws of Texas to non-profit corporations incorporated under the Act including, without limitation, Article 1396, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes (the Texas Non- Profit Corporation Act). 

It shall also have all other powers of a like or different nature not prohibited by law which are available to non-profit corporations in Texas and which are necessary or useful to enable the VCLGC to perform the purposes for which it is created, including the power to issue bonds, notes, or other obligations, and otherwise exercise its borrowing power to accomplish the purposes for which it was created, provided that the VCLGC shall not issue bonds without the consent of the Council.

All powers of the VCLGC are vested in a Board of Directors (the “Board) consisting initially of nine (9) Directors. The Board shall be composed of the Mayor of the City, the five (5) members of the Council, the Chair of the TIRZ Board, and an At Large Director appointed by the Council, and the City