The dispatcher is the vital link between the citizen customer and the Jersey Village emergency services. Whether the call is about something as mundane as a barking dog or as serious as a medical emergency, the dispatcher must handle it. Once thought of as just someone to answer the phone, dispatchers today are an integral part of the total Jersey Village emergency services team. Every day, these services rely on our dispatchers to obtain the crucial information that they need when responding to a call. One of our dispatchers said it best . . . “we keep Jersey Village safe – one call at a time.”
Jersey Village PD Communications
Communications by its very name, it defines what goes on in the dispatch center. The dispatcher is in most cases, the first point of contact for the citizen, and in some cases they are also the last. The dispatchers are well trained and have in the past, been instrumental in helping stop crimes in progress.

The City of Jersey Village is surrounded by other agencies and communications between the agencies is vital. The Jersey Village dispatch has been able to provide back up to a neighboring agency when that agencies dispatch center experienced a temporary power loss. The dispatcher was able to handle the incoming 911 calls for this agency and relay them to their units on the street for response by their department. The dispatchers strive to be the most professional dispatchers that they can be and represent the City of Jersey Village in this manner at all times.
Communications Division Mission
To support the Jersey Village emergency services team in the preservation of life, and protection of property, through effective communication, and aid the community by processing their requests, emergency or non-emergency, as quickly and as professionally as possible.

The Jersey Village Communications center is a combination of man and machine joined together to form a strong, talented, well-trained technical center. The following is a brief description of the components that make this center one of the best.