Communications Center
Police Communications
In Jersey Village the communications center handles the entire incoming emergency and non-emergency calls for the police department in addition to the emergency calls for the fire department. The communications center is now six years old and slated to undergo upgrades to help keep pace with the ever-changing times.

Among the changes are upgrades to the radios, radio consoles, recorders, and the furniture that houses all of it. The upgrades are not restricted to equipment but are projected to expand the number of dispatchers to maintain a staff that can accommodate the call for service volume sufficiently and not have a drop in the service that is provided to the residents.

Another projected upgrade affects both the communications center along with the officers on the street are the mobile data terminals (MDT). The MDT allows the officer to check information from his/her vehicle without having to tie up the radio with unnecessary radio conversation. Should the officer come across something/someone that is either stolen or wanted they will still notify the dispatcher who can send the necessary messages to confirm the stolen or wanted status whichever may be needed, as well as make all other necessary inquiries for the officers. The dispatchers that staff the communications center come from all walks of life and have different things to offer the city.