Jersey Village City Council
Welcome to the Meeting!
City Council meetings bring together citizens of many varied interests and ideas.  To ensure fairness and orderly meetings, please follow the provided procedures:
  • No one shall delay or interrupt the proceedings, or refuse to obey the orders of the presiding officer.
  • Use of cellular phones or audible beepers is not permitted in the Council Chambers while the City Council meeting is in session.
  • Citizens and other visitors attending City Council meetings shall observe the same rules of propriety, decorum, and good conduct applicable to members of the City Council.
  • Those wishing to appear before the City Council on any items listed on the agenda should complete a “Public Comments Card” and present it to the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the Regular Session.  Groups wishing to address the same issue are encouraged to select a spokesperson.  Time allotted to speak is five minutes and may be extended by the presiding officer. Anyone speaking before the Council is asked to approach the speaker’s area in the center of the Council Chambers and to first state their name and address for the record.  Time restraints for speakers shall be enforced by the presiding officer.  Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Attendees will appreciate the simple courtesy of refraining from private conversations that distract from the business at hand.
Consent Agenda
This is a list of items that are routine or non-controversial in nature.  The entire Consent Agenda will generally be acted upon in one motion.  However, agenda items may be removed from the Consent Agenda by Councilmembers or staff for discussion and will be considered after approval of the entire Consent Agenda.
General Information
  • The Jersey Village City Council regularly meets in the Civic Center Auditorium located at 16327 Lakeview Drive on the third Monday of the month.  The Regular Session begins at 7:00 p.m.
  • This site is accessible to disabled individuals.  For special assistance, please call the City Secretary at (713) 466-2102 prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.  The City of Jersey Village is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.