Board of Adjustment

Chapter 14 at Section 14-22 of the Code of Ordinances establishes the City's Board of Adjustment (BOA).

The Board consists of five voting members and two alternates. Members are appointed by the Mayor with approval of Council during the month of October. Each member shall be a resident of the City. The members of the Board shall be identified by place numbers (1) through (5) and alternates (1) and (2). Members are appointed to serve two year terms. Should a vacancy occur, the Mayor, with approval of the Council, shall appoint a person to complete the unexpired term of the position.

The Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson at the first regularly scheduled meeting after the October appointments who shall serve for a period of one year. All members, including the Chairperson, shall vote in matters considered by the Board. The City Secretary serves as ex officio (nonvoting) Secretary of the Board and keeps the Board's minutes, books, files and other records. Any four voting members of the Board present shall constitute a quorum to conduct business.

The Board is authorized to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in an order or decision by the Municipal Enforcement Officials in applying the standards of Articles IV, V, X, XI and XII of Chapter 14.  The Board is also authorized to hear and decide special exceptions to the terms Chapter 14 where special exceptions are allowed and may authorize in specific cases a variance from the terms set out in Articles IV, V, X, XI, and XII of Chapter 14.