Street Panels and Sidewalk Initiative

As you may have noticed, your Public Works staff have been actively repairing street panels and sidewalks throughout the City. To establish a baseline for the planning and scheduling of repairs, the department has compiled and categorized data identifying areas of concern. Based on the available staff and budget, this initiative is expected to span over several fiscal years. City staff will conduct assessments periodically to guide cost-effective decisions that prioritize improvements, address pedestrian hazards, and enhance the City's infrastructure.

Over the last year, Public Works has remediated nearly 12,000 square feet of sidewalks and 14,000 square feet of street panels exhibiting severe displacement and has placed areas with minor deficiencies on a list for future repair.

In an effort to prioritize safety, our infrastructure operational strategy will continue to focus on areas meeting condition #3 and #2 categories. 

 Sidewalk condition categories

Additionally, the department will develop a plan to guide long-term street and sidewalk improvements with more information to follow as the initiative progresses. Be sure to check the Jersey Village Star for regular updates. 

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