Introducing Real-Time Water Usage Tracking for Jersey Village Residents

In our continuous effort to enhance city services and promote sustainability within our community, the City of Jersey Village is excited to announce the rollout of a new service designed to empower residents with the ability to monitor their water usage in real-time. This innovative feature aims not only to increase awareness about water consumption but also to provide the tools necessary for residents to manage their usage more effectively.

Stay Informed with Neptune My360
Leveraging the Neptune My360 portal, this new service offers Jersey Village residents a user-friendly platform to create usage alerts, set water budgets, and access detailed consumption data anytime, anywhere. With intuitive charts and graphs, the portal makes it simpler for customers to understand their water usage patterns, identify potential leaks, and take swift action to prevent unnecessary water waste.

Customizable Alerts for Peace of Mind
One of the most notable features of Neptune My360 is the ability to set customizable alerts based on specific water usage thresholds. This means residents can receive notifications if their water consumption exceeds a predetermined level, helping to avoid surprises when the bill arrives. Furthermore, for those planning to be away from home, setting alerts for any water usage during that period can provide additional security and peace of mind, ensuring prompt detection of any unexpected water flow.

Getting Started Is Easy
To take advantage of this new service, residents can simply visit external link in new window) and click on “Create an account.” You'll need your water account number handy, which can be found on your water bill. Creating an account is a quick process, and once set up, you'll have 24/7 access to your water usage information.

Need Assistance? We're Here to Help
Should you require any assistance while setting up your account or have questions about how to maximize the benefits of this service, our dedicated city staff is ready to assist you. Contact us at 713-466-2111 or via email at for support.

By providing residents with the tools and information to monitor and manage their water usage more efficiently, we're not only helping to save water but also empowering our community to contribute to a more sustainable future. We encourage all Jersey Village residents to take advantage of this valuable service, as we work together towards smarter water usage and conservation efforts in our city.