What have the funds done for you?
The CCPD has consistently contributed to the quality of life in Jersey Village thru enhanced police service.  Without issue the CCPD has historically provided the ability for specific task programming and essential tools to meet citizen needs.  These programs are:
  • Enhanced  traffic enforcement and accident reporting program
  • Bulletproof vests for the Officers
  • Community Crime Prevention Programs
  • A new  radio system with interoperability with allied agencies
  • Purchasing software mandated by DOJ
  • Enhanced software for Detectives
  • Crime Reporting software
  • Automated Finger Print Identification machine – required by the Harris Co. DA’s office to file criminal charges
  • 6 (six)-Additional Police Officer Positions
  • New Police Vehicles resulting in greater longevity and less maintenance 
  • National Night Out
  • Overtime which has been utilized through an enhanced street patrol initiative
  • Training for officers to meet mandates passed to them by the State of Texas
How is this funded?
Based upon goods and services provided to persons, some paid by those passing through our city, the district is funded by a ½ cent sales and use tax.  This fund serves to enhance police service for our citizens by enhancing police service while lessening the property tax burden on our tax paying citizens. This is accomplished by sharing the cost of enhanced police service with those who purchase goods and services within Jersey Village.
What does the Crime Control and Prevention District do?
The district provides funds directed to the police department that strengthens the police service and increase productivity.  The CCPD is the single item that provides for a reduced general budget, thus freeing funds for projects such as street improvements, parks, utility projects, and other budgetary items.
How are the funds managed?
The funds are managed by the CCPD board of directors. This board approves or rejects expenditures received by request from the police department. The budget process is completed once a year and it is open to the public. All expenditures are directly related to the operation of the police department. These funds are exclusively for the purpose of enhancing police service within Jersey Village.
What happens without the fund?
During the fiscal year 2012-2013, the CCPD fund will be utilized for $1,093,805 (as budgeted). To maintain the current level of service and to purchase the equipment requested these funds would have to come from the general fund. The increase in the general fund would require an increase in property tax to meet the additional burden. In order to collect this additional funding, the property tax rate would have to increase from .7425 per $100 to .8369 per $100. This increase would be approximately 12.7%. Without an increase there is a possibility that some of these services and personnel would not be funded.