Parks Projects


Wayfinding and Gateway Signage:

One of the big projects identified in the 2016 Comprehensive Plan was the Gateway and Entrances. Many residents felt these needed to be updated. 

In 2017 the City engaged the services of Clark Condon to help create a Gateway and Entrances Master Plan. That project took several months, and included Town Hall Meetings and getting citizen feedback online and in person. 

In February 2018 the City Council adopted that official plan. You can view the plan here. 

For Fiscal Year 2019 the City Council allocated $1,000,000 to construct entrance monuments and marquee signs. These will be done at the major entrance points in Jersey Village, such as Senate Ave, Philippine, Jones Rd, and Jersey Drive.  Another $1,000,000 is planned for Fiscal Year 2020 to complete the Gateway and Entrances project. 

Pool Deck Refurbishing:

For Fiscal Year 21 the Council approved a budget containing funds to resurface the deck at the pool. The pool deck has the original surface from its construction in 1975, which leads to a few issues. First, the deck’s grading is poor and results in sitting water around much of the deck when it rains, leading to algae and stains on the deck. Second, the deck has many cracks and parts of the surface have begun to come up. Third, there are better surfaces now that stay cooler for the bare feet running around. Finally, the coping from the deck to the pool is coming loose and cracking in some places, so we will look at re-coping the pool in this project.  This Project will be complete prior to pool opening. 

We will also:

  • Replace a diving board that went out of commission in June 2020;
  • Replace drainage pipes that have ruptured and no longer drain to the storm drain. This assessment was given to us by the Public Works Department.
  • Run a new pipe from the pool pump room to the slide to use filtered and clean water – saving us thousands annually on chemical and water costs.

Pool House Remodel:

On March 15th 2021 Council approved the budget amendment allowing the department to utilize savings from the pool deck resurfacing project to complete the pool house remodel.  

This project includes relocating the entrance doors to the restrooms, expanding the cashier and lifeguard room (while reducing the size of the adjacent storage facility), converting that storage area to a family changing room and adding two temporary portable AC units.  The relocation of the bathroom entrance is imperative to enable staff to effectively monitor the entrance, crowd control, ticketing and child safety (ensuring they aren’t near the exit adjacent to the parking lot while using the restroom).  The family changing room will be an appreciated amenity from all residents and the expansion of the cashier/lifeguard room is long overdue.  The current size is not large enough to house more than three people.   This project will be completed prior to pool opening. 

Clark Henry Play Structure:

The Parks and Recreation Department will be installing a new play structure at Clark Henry Park.  Deliberation on the type of play structure will be held at the advisory meeting in April and we are certainly open to community input.  We are considering alternative play structures that deviate from the traditional play structures you typically see at parks, both locally and nationally.  We would like to provide new challenges and experiences for our residents and attempt to attract a broader age range of residents with this unique play structure.