Carol Fox Park is located at 15913-15977 Jersey Dr, Jersey Village, TX 77040. It is a beautiful park filled with playground equipment for all ages. Additionally, it has a small gazebo and sand volleyball court that are both available for rent.


Carol Fox

Join us for a vibrant day of creativity and community spirit at Carol Fox Park's Art Day! On June 21, 2024, from 10AM to 3PM, let's unite and add our artistic touch to the landscape. We invite you, our valued community members, to be part of this exciting endeavor as we come together to paint the base for a stunning new mural adorning the park. Contribute to the beautification and public art in Jersey Village with a day filled with fun! 

Embrace your inner artist and join us as we bring color and life to the canvas of the park's cement wall. No prior painting experience is necessary—all you need is your enthusiasm and a willingness to lend a hand. The Parks and Recreation department will provide all the necessary painting supplies, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Let's make memories, foster connections, and leave a lasting mark of unity and creativity in our beloved community. Together, we can turn this blank canvas into a masterpiece that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of our city. Mark your calendars and be part of something truly special at Carol Fox Park's Art Day!