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Don't Miss the Concert in the Park with Southern County Line!

Get ready for a memorable evening of music and community spirit! The City of Jersey Village is thrilled to announce the return of our beloved Concert in the Park series. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable night featuring the incredible talents of the 2018 CMA of Texas Band Of The Year, Southern County Line.


Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, March 23, 2024
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: Clark Henry Park


A Tribute to Country Legends

This special concert will spotlight Southern County Line Band's tribute to the legendary country icons Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. Known for their captivating performances and deep roots in country music, Southern County Line will bring the classics to life in the picturesque setting of Clark Henry Park.


An Evening Of Fun Gather your friends, family, and neighbors for an evening filled with live music, laughter, and community bonding. Concert in the Park is more than just a musical event; it's a celebration of our city's vibrant culture and the joy of coming together. Bring your picnic blankets, lawn chairs, and your love for country music. This is one event you won't want to miss!


Free Community Event

Best of all, this concert is entirely free to attend! Whether you're a lifelong country music fan or just looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday evening, Concert in the Park promises to be a highlight of the year. For more information please check out our website here.


Streamlining the Process: Jersey Village Updates Irrigation Meter Installation Policy
In an effort to continuously improve city services and respond to the needs of our residents, the City of Jersey Village has announced an important update to the irrigation meter installation policy. This change, which was adopted by the City Council, comes as a direct response to feedback from the community, particularly from homeowners facing challenges with the current installation process.

Addressing Community Needs
The Public Works Department has noted numerous requests for modifications to the irrigation meter installation process, especially from residents whose water mains are located on the opposite side of the street from their property. The existing policy required a separate tap for such installations, often necessitating costly and complex boring operations.

Simplifying Installation
To alleviate these challenges, the City has streamlined the process, allowing residents to request permission to tap into an existing service line when the water main is on the opposite side of the street. This policy adjustment aims to reduce unnecessary expenses and simplify the installation of irrigation meters, making it more accessible for homeowners to manage their property's irrigation needs efficiently.

Ensuring Integrity and Sustainability
The city's utility department will play a crucial role in this new process, evaluating each request to ensure that the existing service line can accommodate an additional connection without compromising water service to existing properties or the overall integrity of Jersey Village's water supply system. This evaluation will consider factors like the size of the service line, water pressure, and the potential impact on neighboring properties.

Permission to Proceed
Homeowners whose requests meet the city's criteria for capacity and safety will be granted permission to proceed with the tap. This policy not only facilitates a more efficient process for residents but also reflects the City's dedication to maintaining a balance between individual property needs and the collective sustainability of our water infrastructure.

A Commitment to Service and Efficiency
This update to the irrigation meter installation policy underscores Jersey Village's commitment to responsive governance and utility management. By considering public input and streamlining processes, the City continues to prioritize both the efficiency of its services and the satisfaction of its residents.

Residents interested in taking advantage of this new policy can begin the process by submitting a request through the permits process. The City of Jersey Village is excited to offer this improved service to our community, reinforcing our commitment to efficient water management and customer-friendly policies.

For more information on this policy change or to submit a request, please visit our website or contact the Public Works Department. Together, we are making Jersey Village a better place to live, one service improvement at a time.

Jersey Village Takes Action on Substandard Property for Community Safety

In a move to ensure community safety the Jersey Village City Council passed Ordinance 2024-01 during the January 2024 meeting targeting a property deemed substandard, located at 15830 Northwest Freeway, at the intersection of Senate Ave and US 290, outlining specific actions for its improvement and compliance.


Mandated Actions for Property Improvement

Under the ordinance, the property owner is required to undertake a series of actions to rectify the substandard conditions. The immediate steps included vacating the property by February 1, 2024, and securing it with chain-link fencing as approved by the building official. Furthermore, the ordinance mandates that the building must remain vacant and securely fenced until a new certificate of occupancy is issued. The interior of the structure must also be secured and either repaired or demolished by the owner within thirty days of the ordinance's date, which falls on February 21, 2024. 


Permitting and Planning Requirements

Before any work begins, the owner must obtain the necessary permits in accordance with city codes. A comprehensive construction or demolition plan must be submitted to the building official within forty-five days, by March 7, 2024. Once a permit is granted, work on the property must commence within ten days.


Monitoring Progress and Compliance

To ensure compliance and monitor progress, the property owner is required to submit detailed reports to the City Council. The first report, due by February 6, 2024, was presented at the February Council meeting, showing that the owner had met all initial requirements. The owner is required to make a follow-up presentation on March 18, 2024, detailing further progress towards full compliance with the ordinance.


The City Council and city staff will continue to monitor the work going on here to ensure compliance with the ordinance. 

Charting the Future: Jersey Village Applying For Grants To Complete Comprehensive Planning

During the Regular City Council meeting on February 12 the City Council authorized two grant applications to help plan for the future. These grants, if awarded, would be used to fund a Comprehensive Plan and an Economic Development Plan for the City of Jersey Village.


Towards a New Comprehensive Plan

Firstly, the City is seeking funding from the Texas General Land Office (GLO) through its Resilient Communities Program, backed by Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) Funds. This grant aims to support the creation of a Comprehensive Plan, a strategic document that embodies our community's goals and aspirations into actionable policies. This plan will guide future developments, including zoning, land use, and infrastructure improvements, ensuring they align with our vision for growth and resilience.


The proposed Comprehensive Plan update is an opportunity to reassess our community's needs, integrate hazard mitigation strategies, and set a sustainable course for development. By engaging an outside consultant and facilitating public meetings, we aim to craft a plan that reflects the collective input of our residents, laying a solid foundation for the future.


Economic Development Master Plan

Simultaneously, the City is applying for a grant from the United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) to create an Economic Development Master Plan. This plan is envisioned as a strategic complement to the Comprehensive Plan, focusing on economic growth, job creation, and infrastructure enhancement. It represents a strategic approach to bolstering Jersey Village's economy, ensuring our city remains a vibrant place to live, work, and play.


The Economic Development Master Plan will dovetail with the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan, ensuring our economic strategies enhance our broader community goals. This concurrent planning effort promises not only to streamline resources but also to amplify the impact of both plans, setting a clear direction for economic and developmental initiatives.


Looking Ahead

These planning initiatives represent a crucial step in Jersey Village's ongoing journey towards sustainable growth and prosperity. By aligning our developmental and economic strategies, we are not just planning for the immediate future but laying the groundwork for generations to come.


If the grants are awarded there will be opportunities for residents to serve on the committee for these plans. There will also be several opportunities for residents to provide thoughts and feedback throughout the process. So be on the lookout for those opportunities in the coming months.


The City of Jersey Village is accepting sealed bids for the land located at the following properties:


15513 Jersey Drive

Legal Description


Square footage of lot




Sealed bids addressed to the City Secretary, will be received at the City of Jersey Village, by mail at 16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village, Texas, 77040, or in the office of the City Secretary at 16327 Lakeview, Jersey Village, Texas, 77040, until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2024 and then be publicly opened and read aloud.

Bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes upon furnished blank forms of proposal and clearly marked “TIRZ 3 Sale of Land, 15513 Jersey Dr”. Bid forms may be found on the city website:



Bid Form Can Be Found Here

Draft Purchase and Sale Agreement Can Be Found Here

Jersey Village Welcomes Danny Keele as New Police Chief

On Saturday, February 10, the City of Jersey Village marked a significant milestone in its law enforcement history, as Danny Keele was officially sworn in as the Police Chief of Jersey Village.


Danny Keele is no stranger to the Jersey Village community or its police department. His journey with us began in 2019 when he joined the force as a Police Sergeant. With an evident dedication to his duty and a clear vision for effective community policing, Keele quickly rose through the ranks, being promoted to Lieutenant in 2020. His ascent to the role of Police Chief is a testament to his exemplary leadership qualities, strategic vision for the department's future, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


The national search for our new Police Chief was extensive and thorough ensuring that Jersey Village would be led by a law enforcement officer of the highest caliber. Keele's selection at the culmination of this search speaks volumes about his qualifications and in his ability to lead.


Keele replaces Chief Kirk Riggs as the Police Chief. Chief Riggs led our department for four years with integrity, ethics, and positive leadership. Under his guidance, our department has transformed, setting new standards of excellence and fostering a culture of respect and accountability. As Chief Riggs has transitioned to a new Police Chief position closer to his home in the Dallas area, we wish him the best in his new role.



Please join us in congratulating Chief Danny Keele on his new role and in offering him our full support as he leads the Jersey Village Police Department into a promising future.

NOTICE OF APPROVAL – ORD 2024-07 Prima Facie Speed & ORD 2024-08 Sewer Rate Cap

Notice is hereby given that at the February 12, 2024, City Council Meeting of the City of Jersey Village, Texas, the following ordinances, which may be viewed by CLICKING HERE and on the City’s Posting Bulletin Board were passed and approved:  



PASSED, APPROVED, AND ADOPTED the 12th day of February 2024.  /s/Bobby Warren, Mayor  Attest:  /s/ Lorri Coody, City Secretary, Jersey Village

Posted on the City’s Bulletin Board and on the Home Page of the City’s Website under “Latest News” for twenty days beginning on the 13th day of February 2024 and remaining through and continuing through March 4, 2024.  /s/Lorri Coody, City Secretary, Jersey Village, Texas

Introducing Real-Time Water Usage Tracking for Jersey Village Residents
In our continuous effort to enhance city services and promote sustainability within our community, the City of Jersey Village is excited to announce the rollout of a new service designed to empower residents with the ability to monitor their water usage in real-time. This innovative feature aims not only to increase awareness about water consumption but also to provide the tools necessary for residents to manage their usage more effectively.

Stay Informed with Neptune My360
Leveraging the Neptune My360 portal, this new service offers Jersey Village residents a user-friendly platform to create usage alerts, set water budgets, and access detailed consumption data anytime, anywhere. With intuitive charts and graphs, the portal makes it simpler for customers to understand their water usage patterns, identify potential leaks, and take swift action to prevent unnecessary water waste.

Customizable Alerts for Peace of Mind
One of the most notable features of Neptune My360 is the ability to set customizable alerts based on specific water usage thresholds. This means residents can receive notifications if their water consumption exceeds a predetermined level, helping to avoid surprises when the bill arrives. Furthermore, for those planning to be away from home, setting alerts for any water usage during that period can provide additional security and peace of mind, ensuring prompt detection of any unexpected water flow.

Getting Started Is Easy
To take advantage of this new service, residents can simply visit and click on “Create an account.” You'll need your water account number handy, which can be found on your water bill. Creating an account is a quick process, and once set up, you'll have 24/7 access to your water usage information.

Need Assistance? We're Here to Help
Should you require any assistance while setting up your account or have questions about how to maximize the benefits of this service, our dedicated city staff is ready to assist you. Contact us at 713-466-2111 or via email at for support.

By providing residents with the tools and information to monitor and manage their water usage more efficiently, we're not only helping to save water but also empowering our community to contribute to a more sustainable future. We encourage all Jersey Village residents to take advantage of this valuable service, as we work together towards smarter water usage and conservation efforts in our city.

Jersey Village City Council Implements Wastewater Usage Cap for Resident

During the February City Council meeting the City Council discussed a change to how wastewater services are calculated for residents. Recognizing the impact of transitioning from a sewer averaging method of utility billing, the Council has approved a new measure of a cap on residential wastewater service usage. This change, which will be reflected in the bills sent out in March, introduces a maximum charge based on 12,000 gallons of wastewater usage.


The newly adopted cap means that no resident will be billed for more than 12,000 gallons of wastewater usage in a billing cycle, regardless of the amount of water consumed. This cap is designed to offer a more predictable and manageable billing structure, especially beneficial for families and individuals concerned about the potential for high utility costs during periods of increased water usage. This change does not impact irrigation water meter accounts, as those accounts are not charged for wastewater service. 

NOTICE TO BIDDERS - 2024 Sanitary Sewer Improvements - BID NO. 2024-02

The City of Jersey Village will be accepting bids submitted online via CIVCAST until 2:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, for the Jersey Village 2024 Sanitary Sewer Improvements.

Bidding Documents may be downloaded from the following Designated Website: (CIVCAST). Bidders are urged to register with the Designated Website as a plan holder, even if Bidding Documents are obtained from a plan room or source other than the Designated Website. The Designated Website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, reports, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Bidding Documents, including bid tab information will be offered only through the Designated Website. 

Each bid must be accompanied by Bid Security made payable to the City of Jersey Village in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bidder’s maximum bid price and in the form of a Bid Bond issued by a surety meeting the requirements of the Contract Documents. The successful bidder must furnish a performance bond and a payment bond on the forms provided each in the amount of 100% of the Contract price from a surety company licensed by the State of Texas.

The City of Jersey Village is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, a state law, which may require the City to make the information provided in response to this request for applications available to the public upon request. Therefore, responders are required to clearly mark any proprietary and/or confidential information.

The City of Jersey Village reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any informalities in the bidding.  Bids may be held by The City of Jersey Village for a period not to exceed 30/60 days from the   date of the bid opening for the purpose of reviewing the bids and investigating the bidder’s qualifications prior to the contract award.

The City of Jersey Village is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Section 3 Residents, Minority Business Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, and labor surplus area firms are encouraged to submit bids.

All contractors/subcontractors whose System for Award Management ( registration is not active or that are debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation on federal assistance programs may not undertake any activity in part or in full under this project.

A pre-bid meeting will be held by the City of Jersey Village in the Council Meeting Room at 16327 Lakeview, Jersey Village, Texas, 77040, at 2:00 p.m., February 21, 2024. The pre-bid meeting is not mandatory.


Publication Dates:  February 14, 2024 and February 21, 2024
s/Lorri Coody, City Secretary

Jersey Village Achieves Significant Improvement in Flood Insurance Rating

In an exciting development for the City of Jersey Village, preliminary results from our latest Community Rating System (CRS) cycle verification have arrived, and the news couldn't be better for our community and its residents. After a period of dedicated effort and strategic planning, Jersey Village is set to rise from a CRS Class 7 to a Class 5 rating, a milestone achievement that will be effective from October 1, 2024.

What This Means for Jersey Village The improvement to a Class 5 rating in the CRS program signifies not just a recognition of our city's proactive flood management and risk reduction strategies but also brings tangible benefits to our residents in terms of flood insurance savings. This leap forward reflects our commitment to enhancing public safety, reducing flood risks, and ultimately, lowering the cost burden of flood insurance for our community.

Impact on Flood Insurance Discounts Under the current Class 7 rating, residents living in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) enjoy a 15% discount on their flood insurance, while those outside the SFHA receive a 5% discount. With the upgrade to a Class 5 rating, these discounts will increase substantially. Policies issued or renewed on or after October 1, 2024, will see discounts of 25% for properties in the SFHA—amounting to an average savings of about $400—and a 10% discount for properties outside the SFHA, averaging around $90 in savings.

A Standout Achievement Jersey Village's achievement is notable not just on a local scale but also nationally and within the state of Texas. As of October 2023, out of 1,505 communities participating in the CRS program nationwide, only 208 have attained a Class 5 rating or higher. Within Texas, of the 71 CRS-participating communities, only 7 have reached such a high classification. This places Jersey Village in an elite group of cities leading the way in effective floodplain management practices.

Looking Forward This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our city staff, officials, and the community at large. It underscores our continuous commitment to making Jersey Village a safer, more resilient place to live. We will keep working diligently to maintain and improve our CRS rating, always with the goal of benefiting our community in meaningful ways.

As we celebrate this success, we also want to remind residents of the importance of staying informed about flood risk and continuing to support and participate in our city's flood risk management initiatives. Together, we can continue to make strides in protecting our community and enhancing our quality of life.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on how these changes will be implemented and how you can continue to support our efforts in making Jersey Village a model community for floodplain management and risk reduction.

For more information about the CRS program and how it benefits our community, please visit our website

NOTICE TO BIDDERS - BID NO. 2024-03 - Congo Lane Subdivision Drainage Improvements

The City of Jersey Village will be accepting bids submitted online via CIVCAST until 2:00 pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, for the Jersey Village Congo Lane Subdivision Drainage Improvements.

Bidding Documents may be downloaded from the following Designated Website: (CIVCAST). Bidders are urged to register with the Designated Website as a plan holder, even if Bidding Documents are obtained from a plan room or source other than the Designated Website. The Designated Website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, reports, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Bidding Documents, including bid tab information will be offered only through the Designated Website. 

Each bid must be accompanied by Bid Security made payable to the City of Jersey Village in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bidder’s maximum bid price and in the form of a Bid Bond issued by a surety meeting the requirements of the Contract Documents. The successful bidder must furnish a performance bond and a payment bond on the forms provided each in the amount of 100% of the Contract price from a surety company licensed by the State of Texas.

The City of Jersey Village is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, a state law, which may require the City to make the information provided in response to this request for applications available to the public upon request. Therefore, responders are required to clearly mark any proprietary and/or confidential information.

The City of Jersey Village reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any informalities in the bidding.  Bids may be held by The City of Jersey Village for a period not to exceed 30/60 days from the   date of the bid opening for the purpose of reviewing the bids and investigating the bidder’s qualifications prior to the contract award.

The City of Jersey Village is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Section 3 Residents, Minority Business Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, and labor surplus area firms are encouraged to submit bids.

All contractors/subcontractors whose System for Award Management ( registration is not active or that are debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation on federal assistance programs may not undertake any activity in part or in full under this project.

A pre-bid meeting will be held by the City of Jersey Village in the Council Meeting Room at 16327 Lakeview, Jersey Village, Texas, 77040, at 2:00 p.m., March 19, 2024. The pre-bid meeting is not mandatory.


Publication Dates:  March 6, 2024, and March 13, 2024
s/Lorri Coody, City Secretary


Citywide Water Valve Testing Underway

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining a reliable and safe water supply, the City of Jersey Village is initiating a comprehensive water valve assessment project. This crucial infrastructure maintenance and testing effort is being carried out in partnership with Data Hydrant, a firm specializing in municipal water services. Starting Monday, February 5, 2024, the project will involve the systematic exercising of water valves across the city and is expected to span the next several weeks.

What to Expect During Water Valve Testing The primary goal of this project is to ensure that all components of our water system are functioning optimally. During the testing period, residents may notice a few temporary changes in their water service, including:

  • Temporary Discoloration: It's possible that water may appear discolored due to the disturbance of sediments. This is a common occurrence during valve testing and is typically resolved by letting your faucets run for a few minutes until the water clears.

  • Presence of Air: Air may become trapped in the water lines as a result of the valve exercising process. If you notice air bubbles in your water, this is likely the cause. Similar to the discoloration, this issue should resolve quickly on its own.

  • Fluctuations in Water Pressure or Flow: While the team at Data Hydrant will make every effort to minimize disruptions, there may be brief moments where water pressure or flow fluctuates. However, these changes should be barely noticeable and will not affect the quality or safety of your water supply.

We understand the importance of a dependable water supply and assure residents that any changes in water quality or service during this period are temporary and not harmful. This testing is a proactive measure to prevent future water service issues and to ensure the integrity of our city’s water infrastructure.

We appreciate the community's understanding and cooperation as we undertake these essential maintenance activities. Ensuring the continued reliability and safety of our water supply is a priority for the City of Jersey Village, and projects like this are vital in achieving that goal.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the water valve testing process or if you experience any persistent issues, please do not hesitate to contact the City’s Public Works Department at (713) 466-2133 or via email. Together, we can ensure that Jersey Village remains a great place to live, with high-quality public services that meet the needs of all residents.


City government depends on residents who volunteer their time and expertise to participate in public service as members of boards and commissions. Boards and commissions fulfill an important role by evaluating issues which affect our community and making recommendations to the Council for needed action. 

As such, City Council is seeking interested residents to serve on the 2024 Bond Committee.  Selected applicants will review viable city projects and the potential of conducting a bond election in November of 2024 to fund said projects.  City Council encourages you to apply for appointment. 

Council will consider appointments to the 2024 Bond Committee at its Regular March Council Meeting. Once appointed, it is expected that the Committee will complete its work by the end of June 2024. If you are interested, please complete the on-line application at or contact Lorri Coody, the City Secretary at 713-466-2102. 


Name the New Restaurant at Jersey Meadow Golf Club – Enter Our Competition!

As anticipation builds for the opening of the new clubhouse at Jersey Meadow Golf Club in the coming months, we have another exciting announcement to share! We’ve partnered with Little Kitchen HTX to bring a fresh dining experience to our new clubhouse. The partnership with Little Kitchen HTX promises a dining experience that complements the leisure and elegance of golfing at Jersey Meadow. And guess what? We want YOU to be a part of this journey by helping us name the new restaurant!

Join the Naming Competition 
This is your chance to leave a mark on Jersey Village's culinary map. We're calling on all residents, golf enthusiasts, and foodies to participate in our naming competition for the new restaurant. It's an opportunity to unleash your creativity and perhaps see your suggested name become a permanent feature of our beloved golf club.

Participating is easy and fun! Scroll down on this page submit your idea for the restaurant's name. Whether it's inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the golf course, the exquisite cuisine that will be served, or the spirit of Jersey Village, we can't wait to see your suggestions.

Competition Terms and Conditions 

Please note that certain terms and conditions apply to this competition. We encourage you to read these carefully before submitting your name suggestion to ensure it meets all the necessary criteria. 

So, put on your thinking caps, submit your best ideas, and stay tuned for more updates about the clubhouse and the restaurant. This is your chance to be part of Jersey Village history!

Remember, a great name can set the tone for a great dining experience. We look forward to your participation and can't wait to unveil the winning name!



Hydrant Testing, Flushing and Maintenance in Jersey Village

As part of our regular maintenance and testing of our infrastructure the City has contracted with Data Hydrant to undertake a comprehensive hydrant testing, inspection, and flushing project across the city. The project is beginning this week and is expected to last approximately 2-3 weeks. All work should be completed by mid-January 2024. During this period, residents may notice Data Hydrant personnel and equipment in the city as they conduct assessments and maintenance of our hydrant infrastructure.


Why Is Hydrant Testing Necessary? FAQs

To keep our community informed and address any concerns, here are some frequently asked questions about hydrant testing:


1. What is hydrant testing and why is it important?

   Hydrant testing involves checking the functionality and flow of water from fire hydrants. This is crucial to ensure that in the event of a fire, our firefighting teams have reliable and adequate water supply to protect our community.


2. Will hydrant testing affect my water supply?

   Generally, hydrant testing does not disrupt the regular water supply to homes. However, you might notice a temporary drop in water pressure or slight discoloration of water during and immediately after the flushing in your area.


3. What should I do if my water is discolored?

   If you notice discolored water, run your cold water taps for a few minutes to clear the lines. This discoloration is short-lived, caused by harmless sediment being disturbed during the flushing process. The water quality is not impacted by this.


4. Is it safe to use discolored water?

   While discolored water is typically not harmful, we recommend running the water until it runs clear before using it for drinking, cooking, or washing clothes to avoid staining.



This project is part of our broader commitment to maintaining a safe, reliable infrastructure for Jersey Village. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as Data Hydrant carries out this essential work.

Jersey Village Receives Top Honors for Excellence in Financial Reporting from GFOA

The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) has recently honored the City of Jersey Village with the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. This accolade, awarded for the city's annual comprehensive financial report for the fiscal year that concluded on September 30, 2022, represents the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting.


Rigorous Evaluation and Recognition

The annual comprehensive financial report of Jersey Village was thoroughly evaluated by an impartial panel from the GFOA. This panel, known for its stringent standards, acknowledged that the city's financial report excelled in its commitment to transparency and clarity. The city's efforts to go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles are evident, as it demonstrates a constructive "spirit of full disclosure." This approach aims not just to outline the financial data but to tell the city's financial story in a way that is both comprehensive and comprehensible to a wide range of potential users and user groups.


Significance of the Award

Achieving the Certificate of Achievement underscores a significant accomplishment by the government and its management. It reflects the City of Jersey Village's dedication to financial integrity and accountability. The award symbolizes the city's proficiency in governmental accounting and its dedication to adhering to the highest standards of financial reporting.


Commitment to Excellence and Transparency

“We are immensely proud of our team's dedication to maintaining the highest standards in financial reporting and transparency, and we are honored to receive this award again. This Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting is a testament to our city's unwavering commitment to fiscal accountability and transparency,” stated Mayor Bobby Warren. “It reflects the hard work and detailed attention that our staff brings to every aspect of our financial operations. This accolade is not just for the finance department; it's a win for all of Jersey Village, as it underscores our dedication to serving our community with integrity and excellence.”


This award demonstrates the City of Jersey Village’s commitment to maintaining robust financial systems, ensuring responsible stewardship of public funds, and providing clear and comprehensive financial information to its citizens.


Looking Ahead

As Jersey Village continues to build on this foundation of excellence, the city remains committed to upholding these high standards in all aspects of financial management and reporting. This acknowledgment by the GFOA serves not only as a recognition of past achievements but also as an inspiration for continued excellence in the future.


For more information about the City of Jersey Village’s financial reports or to learn more about the city’s financial policies and initiatives, please visit the city’s financial transparency webpage.

Understanding Repetitive Loss Area Analysis: A Key Step in Flood Risk Management

As part of our commitment to protect the community from flooding threats and enhance the overall safety of the community, it's crucial to understand the tools and strategies available to us for effective flood risk management. One such tool is the Repetitive Loss Area Analysis (RLAA), an integral component of the Community Rating System (CRS) administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The Purpose of RLAA in Flood Risk Management

The RLAA is a comprehensive assessment designed to identify and analyze areas within a community that have experienced repetitive flood damage and loss. This assessment is not just about numbers and data; it's about understanding the real impact of flooding on properties and the community. By pinpointing these repetitive loss areas, we can develop more focused and effective flood mitigation strategies, ultimately reducing the financial and emotional toll of flooding events.


The Role of RLAA in the CRS Program

Participation in the CRS program is voluntary, but it offers significant benefits. The program encourages communities to adopt proactive measures to reduce flood risks. The RLAA plays a role in this program, aiding communities in making informed decisions about flood risk reduction and resource allocation. Recognizing areas prone to frequent flooding enables us to prioritize flood control measures that protect properties and enhance our overall resilience.

Jersey Village is a member of the CRS Program and we are currently at a level 7. That level gives residents a 15% discount on their flood insurance premiums. As part of our renewal process we are attempting to move to a level 6, or higher, to provide an even greater discount to residents. Completing this RLAA is an important step in earning the points to make that jump possible.


The Five Steps of Conducting an RLAA

Executing an RLAA involves a systematic approach, broken down into five main steps:

Community Engagement: Informing all properties in repetitive loss areas about the upcoming analysis and inviting their input on the flood hazard and potential actions. We did this by reaching out to all residents that are in a repetitive loss area.

Interagency Collaboration: Engaging with agencies or organizations that have relevant plans or studies impacting flood causes or effects. These collaborations are crucial for a holistic understanding of the flood risk.

On-site Data Collection: Visiting each building in the identified areas to collect essential data, offering a ground-level view of the impact and causes of repetitive flooding.

Evaluating Solutions: Assessing various approaches, including property protection measures and drainage improvements, to determine feasibility and effectiveness.

Documentation and Reporting: Compiling the findings into a detailed report, with each area receiving its own focused analysis, ensuring targeted and relevant strategies.

The draft report is available for review, and comments may be emailed to Miesha Johnson. Once City Council adopts the final version of the Repetitive Loss Area Analysis, it will be posted on this page or can be obtained at City Hall or by calling 713-466-2141.

View the Repetitive Loss Area Analysis document here.

Jersey Village Advances Flood Mitigation Efforts with New FEMA Grant Application for Home Elevations
In a proactive move to enhance the city's resilience against flooding, the Jersey Village City Council, during their meeting on November 27, 2023, has authorized the submission of a new grant application to FEMA's Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program, focusing on home elevations.

Identifying Homes for Elevation
Since 2017, approximately 165 homes in Jersey Village have been identified as potential candidates for elevation based on their history of flooding and susceptibility to future flood events. These homes were selected through data from FEMA and insights from the Long-Term Flood Recovery Plan. As of now, around 92 homes remain as viable candidates for elevation, however there are not that many homeowners showing interest in this initiative. It is important to note that the program is voluntary, and the city does not require anyone to participate in the home elevation program. 

The Proposed Grant Application
The grant application is to elevate two homes particularly at risk. One home is designated as a Severe Repetitive Loss property, having experienced four or more losses, or at least two losses amounting to more than 50% of the home's value at the time of each loss. The other home is simply classified as insured. FEMA's funding covers 100% of the costs for a Severe Repetitive Loss home and 75% for an insured home.

Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA)
A preliminary BCA has been conducted for these homes. This analysis is crucial to measure the financial benefits of elevating homes against the associated costs. With FEMA allowing a 3% Discount Rate for projects countering future climate change impacts, such as heavy rainfall events, our project's BCA score is anticipated to be more favorable.

Project Timelines
Experience has shown that the entire process, from application to project completion, can span approximately 21 to 33 months. This includes stages like application submission, FEMA review, contractor selection by homeowners, and the actual elevation of the homes.

Privacy and Discretion
In compliance with FEMA's privacy requirements, the specific addresses of homes included in the grant application are not disclosed publicly. However, all homeowners involved are informed and have consented to their inclusion in this grant application.

Financial Aspects
The total cost for this grant application is projected at $526,331, with a federal cost share of $449,118 and a local cost share of $77,213. The costs encompass construction, relocation, and administrative expenses.

Looking Forward
This grant application marks another step in Jersey Village's ongoing efforts to mitigate flood risks effectively. By elevating homes that are most susceptible to flooding, we aim not only to protect properties but also to enhance the safety and peace of mind of our residents.

City of Jersey Village Launches Promotional Video to Boost Economic Development and Marketing

The City of Jersey Village proudly announces the release of a new promotional video, a strategic initiative to enhance the city’s economic development and marketing efforts. This video highlights the unique advantages Jersey Village offers to businesses and residents alike.


A Prime Location

The video emphasizes Jersey Village's strategic location, offering proximity to the City of Houston and the Houston Intercontinental Airport. "Our location is not just a point on a map. It's a gateway to vast opportunities for businesses, providing both local and international connectivity," stated Mayor Bobby Warren. "This video showcases how our city serves as an ideal hub for commerce and community."


Work-Life Balance

Another focal point of the video is the exceptional work-life balance that Jersey Village offers. "In Jersey Village, we understand that the quality of life is crucial for the productivity and happiness of the workforce," said City Manager Austin Bleess. "This video illustrates our commitment to creating an environment where businesses and their employees can thrive both professionally and personally."


Fostering a Business-Friendly Environment

The video also highlights the city’s efforts in cultivating a favorable business climate. Community Development Manager Miesha Johnson remarked, "We're dedicated to fostering a business environment that is supportive and dynamic. Our goal is to create a landscape where enterprises of all sizes can flourish, and this video is a testament to that commitment."


Engaging Potential Investors and Residents

The promotional video is part of a broader strategy, that was included as a Comprehensive Plan Goal, to attract new businesses and residents to Jersey Village. It serves as an engaging tool to showcase the city's strengths and potential as a premier destination for economic growth and quality living.


The video is available on the city’s website and social media channels.


For more information about economic development opportunities in Jersey Village, please reach out to Miesha Johnson, Community Development Manager at 713-466-2141 or via email at

Jersey Village Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Recommends Approval of 2023 Update Report
On November 29, 2023, the Jersey Village Capital Improvements Advisory Committee convened to review and discuss the 2023 Update Study on land use assumptions, capital improvements, and impact fees. This critical review, undertaken with the assistance of consultants from Quiddity Engineering, LLC, marks a pivotal step in the city’s ongoing efforts to ensure sustainable growth and infrastructure development.

Scope of the Meeting
The primary focus of the meeting was to examine the comprehensive Water and Wastewater Impact Fee Study conducted by Quiddity Engineering, LLC. This study is essential for planning the city’s future water and wastewater infrastructure needs and for establishing fair and effective impact fees.

Key Elements Reviewed
The committee reviewed several aspects of the study, including:

- Land Use Assumptions: Assessing historical data and future projections to inform infrastructure planning.
- Growth Projections: Evaluating population trends and their implications for service demand.
- Water and Wastewater Systems: Analyzing the existing systems, demand projections, capacity analyses, and proposed improvements.
- Impact Fee Analysis: Understanding how new developments will contribute to infrastructure funding through impact fees.

Recommendations and Approvals
After consideration of all the presented data and analyses, the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee has recommended that the City Council approve the Draft Capital Improvements Plan & Impact Fee Study 2023 Update Report. This report outlines a strategic approach for managing Jersey Village’s water and wastewater infrastructure over the coming years.

Impact on Jersey Village
The approval of this update is crucial for the sustainable growth of our city. It ensures that the necessary infrastructure is in place to meet the demands of community as it grows, and it provides a transparent and fair mechanism for funding these critical projects through impact fees.

The full draft report can be found here. For those interested in comparing that to the 2020 version of the report that can be found on our Plans and Studies page. The City Council will hold a public hearing on this report before it is adopted. Citizens are encouraged to attend the December 18, 2023 City Council meeting which will be held at 7pm in the Civic Center. Citizens can also reach out to their City Councilors on this, or any topic, by utilizing the contact information here

Jersey Village Steps Forward with FEMA Grant Application for Enhanced Flood Mitigation

In another move to bolster our city’s resilience against flooding, the Jersey Village City Council, during their meeting on November 27, 2023, authorized the submission of a grant application to FEMA for Project Scoping under the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program. This initiative aligns with our long-term commitment to safeguarding our community against flood risks.


Background and Progress

It is important to take a look back at the strides we have made on flood mitigation since 2017 when the Long-Term Flood Mitigation Plan was completed. This plan identified four key areas for flood mitigation: constructing a berm around the golf course, improving drainage in the Wall Street Neighborhood, executing E100 bayou work, and implementing home elevations or buyouts. With the completion of the Berm and Wall Street Projects, and the E100 Bayou Work by HCFCD scheduled for completion in Spring 2024, we have made notable progress. However, the journey towards comprehensive flood resilience continues.


The Need for Further Study

With the current phase of home elevations nearing its end, it's the opportune moment to explore additional flood mitigation strategies. The proposed Project Scoping Grant from FEMA, part of their FY23 Funding allocation of $60 million, is a timely opportunity for Jersey Village to assess further improvements in our flood defense mechanisms.


Vision for the Project

The envisioned project encompasses four main components:


1. Field Surveying: This involves creating elevation certificates for approximately 1,500 single-family residential buildings within current and proposed flood plains, alongside surveying street and road infrastructure critical to flood control.


2. Engineering Evaluation: A thorough evaluation by an engineering firm will determine base flood elevations across the city, analyzing these against surveyed residential structures and examining potential enhancements in street drainage for flood mitigation.


3. Engineering Mapping: Producing detailed maps to visually present flood zones, residential addresses, elevation data, and base flood elevations.


4. Project Identification and Final Report: Utilizing the data gathered, the City and the engineering team will identify potential projects for future grant applications aimed at mitigating flooding.


Anticipated Outcomes and Funding

Building on the success of the Long-Term Flood Recovery Plan, which facilitated over $24.6 million in grant funding for the city’s flood mitigation efforts, this new project aims to continue this legacy. The total project cost is estimated at approximately $1 million, with a city cost share of $250,000, under the total grant amount cap of $900,000.


Timeline and Next Steps

The grant application is due in January 2024, with FEMA's award announcements expected in the summer of 2024. This proactive step demonstrates Jersey Village's continued commitment to safeguarding our community through strategic planning and effective use of available resources. It also shows our commitment to the continued goals that are represented in our Comprehensive Plan. We invite residents to stay engaged and informed as we navigate this important initiative towards a safer, flood-resilient future.

Corrected Water Rates and Upcoming Work Session

The Jersey Village City Council, in its meeting on November 27, 2023, has amended the water rates to reflect the accurate figures from the 2023 Water Rate Study. This action corrects the earlier billing issues caused by clerical errors in the previously adopted rates.

Resolution of Overbilling

For residents who were overcharged due to these errors, the City will automatically issue credits. There is no need for individual requests; these adjustments have been made directly to affected accounts.

Public Work Session on Water Rates

The City Council will host a work session to discuss water rates on December 11, 2023, at 6 pm. This meeting is open to the public, and residents are encouraged to attend. It’s an opportunity to learn more about how water rates are determined and to share your thoughts with the Council.

We appreciate your understanding as we rectify this issue and invite you to stay engaged with the City’s ongoing efforts to serve our community effectively.

The rates that were adopted on November 27, 2023 and are currently in effect are as follows:

(1)   Effective October 1 and continuing through September 30 of the Fiscal Year Indicated in the following table, the table reflects the basic monthly service charges and water rate charge per 1,000 gallons for the various customer classes for water service:


Residential Rates






Basic monthly service charge






0-3,000 Gallons






3,001 - 6,000 Gallons






6,001 - 12,000 Gallons






12,001 - 25,000 Gallons






Over 25,000 Gallons






Residential Sprinkler






Basic monthly service charge






0 - 6,000 Gallons






6,001 - 19,000 Gallons






Over 19,000 Gallons












Basic monthly service charge






All Usage






Commercial Sprinkler






Basic monthly service charge






All Usage






Commercial—Outside city






Basic monthly service charge






First 3,000 gallons






Over 3,000 gallons






Commercial sprinkler—Outside city






Basic monthly service charge






First 3,000 gallons






Over 3,000 gallons






(2)   Effective October 1 and continuing through September 30 of the Fiscal Year Indicated in the following table, the table reflects the basic monthly service charges and wastewater service with the wastewater service being calculated upon all usage through the water meter for the various customer classes for wastewater service:

Residential Rates






Basic monthly service charge






0-3,000 Gallons

$ 4.97

$ 5.46

$ 6.01

$ 6.61

$ 7.27

3,001 - 6,000 Gallons

$ 6.21

$ 6.83

$ 7.51

$ 8.27

$ 9.09

6,001 - 12,000 Gallons

$ 7.76

$ 8.54

$ 9.39



12,001 - 25,000 Gallons

$ 9.70





Over 25,000 Gallons












Basic monthly service charge






All Usage

$ 5.97

$ 6.57

$ 7.22

$ 7.94

$ 8.74

Commercial —Outside city






Basic monthly service charge






All Usage







Water usage registered through an irrigation meter shall not be included in the calculation of wastewater charges. 


Understanding and Combating Elder Abuse: The Elder Justice Program by H-GAC

In our community, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all residents, including our senior citizens and vulnerable adults. Recognizing the increasing concern of elder abuse, a serious issue nationwide, the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has initiated the Elder Justice and Vulnerable Adult Justice Program. This important program provides essential support to those affected by elder abuse and aids law enforcement and legal professionals in their work to safeguard our senior community members.


The Reality of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse manifests in various forms, each equally devastating:

  • Physical Abuse: Inflicting pain or injury
  • Sexual Abuse: Any non-consensual sexual contact
  • Emotional Abuse: Verbal assaults, threats, intimidation
  • Financial Abuse: Misuse of funds or property
  • Neglect: Failure to provide necessary care, whether intentional or not


    Recognizing the Signs

    Detecting elder abuse can be challenging, as signs are often subtle or mistaken for symptoms of aging or illness. However, some indicators to be mindful of include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Depression or confusion
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Signs of trauma (e.g., rocking back and forth)
  • Agitation or unusual violence
  • Withdrawal from usual activities
  • Unexplained bruises, burns, or scars
  • Bed sores or other preventable conditions


    Alarming Facts

  • 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 and over have experienced some form of elder abuse.
  • In 60% of elder neglect incidents, a family member is the perpetrator.
  • Elders who have been abused face a 300% higher risk of death compared to those not mistreated.
  • Victims of elder abuse are four times more likely to be admitted into a nursing home.
  • Physical abuse of elders leads to an estimated $5.3 billion in annual direct medical costs.


Support and Assistance

The Elder Justice Program does more than just raise awareness; it actively provides advocacy, referrals, and direct legal assistance to victims. If you or someone you know is in need of help, do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact the Elder Justice Program at 346-500-4620 or via email at All communications are strictly confidential.

For more information visit the H-GAC website

Clarification on Water and Sewer Rate Ordinance

We want to address an issue regarding the recent utility rate study and the subsequent ordinance affecting water and sewer rates.

In 2023, the City conducted a comprehensive utility rate study to assess our water and sewer rates, ensuring they reflect the true cost of service and maintenance needs. The findings and recommendations from that rate study are available here.

When updating the rates through the City Council ordinance, we encountered clerical errors that affected the rates billed for water and sewer services.

Here's what happened and how we're addressing it:

Water Rates:
- The monthly base fee for water was correctly updated according to the study.
- However, the consumption rates were not adjusted, leading to a lower charge in the November 2023 bills than what was recommended.

Sewer Rates:
- The monthly base fee and consumption rates were updated, but the consumption rate table header was inaccurately marked, causing confusion.
- The consumption rates intended for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) were mistakenly labeled as FY21 rates, and the rates scheduled for FY24 were erroneously set for FY27. This has resulted in higher current consumption rates than recommended.

We assure you that the rates being charged match those approved by the City Council; the issue lies in the documentation, where the approved ordinance does not align with the rate study’s recommendations.

City staff is drafting an ordinance for Council to approve in November to fix the error. Staff are exploring solutions for the City Council to consider at their November meeting to correct these discrepancies that exist in the November bill.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused and are committed to transparency and rectifying the situation. Please stay tuned for updates following the Council’s review. We appreciate your understanding and are here to answer any questions you may have about your utility billing.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us

Again, we apologize for this oversight and thank you for your patience as we work towards a resolution.

Request for Proposal for Concessionaire Services in the Jersey Meadow Golf Course Club House

The City of Jersey Village is soliciting responses from qualified contractors to our Request for Proposal to provide concessionaire services at the Jersey Meadow Golf Club. 

The City invites qualified respondents to submit responses in accordance with the requirements stated within the Request for Proposal no later than 2:00 p.m. on December 5, 2023. Interested firms may secure the solicitation package and all other pertinent information on BIDNET by visiting

The City of Jersey Village encourages all Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) vendors to participate in all invitations to bid; including all HUB, women and minority owned businesses.The City of Jersey Village reserves the right to reject any and all submissions, to waive any and all irregularities in any submission, and to make awards in the best interest of the City.

The City of Jersey Village is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, a state law, which may require the City to make the information provided in response to this request for applications available to the public upon request. Therefore, responders are required to clearly mark any proprietary and/or confidential information. 

Posted Online November 1, 2023.

Light Up Jersey Village: Join the Holiday Decorating Contest!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to start spreading the festive cheer! The City of Jersey Village is thrilled to invite all residents to participate in this year's much-anticipated Holiday Decorating Contest. It's a tradition that not only brightens our community but also warms the hearts of everyone who takes part.


For many years, the city has had the pleasure of recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary efforts of our residents who go above and beyond to transform their homes into enchanting winter wonderlands. The Holiday Decorating Contest, judged by the members of the Jersey Village Recreation and Events Committee, is a fun tradition that brings immense joy to our entire city.


A Tradition of Joy and Unity


The Holiday Decorating Contest is more than just a friendly competition—it's a tradition that unites our community in the spirit of the season. It's a chance for neighbors to come together, for families to create cherished memories, and for all of us to marvel at the artistic and creative displays that adorn our streets.


Go All Out and Light Up Our City!


This year, we encourage each and every one of you to go ALL OUT in decorating the exteriors of your homes. Let your creativity run wild and your holiday spirit shine brightly. From twinkling lights and festive wreaths to whimsical yard decorations and elaborate displays, your imagination is the only limit. Help us light up Jersey Village and create a magical atmosphere for all to enjoy.


How to Participate


Participating in the Holiday Decorating Contest is easy and fun! Simply deck out your home with your most dazzling and heartwarming holiday decorations. Let your creativity shine, and don't hold back! Make sure your decorations are visible from the street so that our judges can fully appreciate your festive efforts.


So, get ready to deck the halls, hang the lights, and let your holiday spirit shine. We can't wait to see your dazzling displays, and we're excited to share this festive tradition with you all. Let's make this holiday season in Jersey Village one to remember!

City Council Says No Motor Vehicle Bridge Contemplated for Equador Street

We understand that there has been discussion and curiosity regarding the possibility of a motor vehicle bridge on Equador Street across White Oak Bayou. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date information and clarify our intentions in this matter.


On Monday, October 2023, the City Council passed Resolution 2023-57, which contains the clear statement: "A motor vehicle bridge is not in consideration for Equador Street over White Oak Bayou, and the city publicly commits to not building such a bridge at said location."


While discussions have previously suggested the idea of a bridge, the Council approved the Resolution to assure residents that a motor vehicle bridge at Equador Street over White Oak Bayou is not being considered by the City.


“Our city staff their whole job is to bring ideas to us,” said Mayor Warren during the October 23 Council meeting. “If they are not good ideas after having discussed them that is fine, but we are better off having discussed them.” With the passing of the resolution the City Council made it clear a bridge at this location is not on the table right now.


Our dedication to responsible planning and community engagement remains unwavering. We value your input, and your voices play an integral role in shaping the future of Jersey Village. We encourage you to stay informed and engaged in local matters, and we are always here to address your questions and concerns.

New Preliminary Flood Maps Expected By End Of 2023

The Harris County Flood Control District (Flood Control District) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are partnering on a flood hazard assessment project that uses the latest available technology and data to produce the county’s most comprehensive and complete set of flood hazard maps and information.



Using new methodologies and technologies and the most granular data available, FEMA and the Flood Control District will provide a better understanding of flood risks throughout Harris County, including previously unmapped urban flooding, which is flood risk due to rainfall run-off draining through streets and neighborhoods on the way to the bayous.



Other new data and information that will be used include updated terrain data and improved hydrologic and hydraulic modeling technology and methods.



FEMA and the Flood Control District expect many changes to be reflected in the resulting flood risk maps. These changes will impact how future projects, new development, and their associated mitigation strategies are implemented.


According to information provided by HCFCD new preliminary maps will be released late 2023 and go through a public comment period and review by FEMA. They anticipate 18-24 months for the preliminary maps to be effective. To learn more about this project visit the MAAPnext website here.


Thank You for Your Water Conservation Efforts During the Drought

In times of uncertainty, it's remarkable how a community can come together to tackle a challenge. We want to extend our gratitude to every one for your dedication to conserving water during our current drought situation.


Currently, we find ourselves in Stage 1 of our drought contingency plan, and your commitment to adhering to watering restrictions has made a significant difference. We understand that it hasn't been easy, but your efforts have played a vital role in preserving our precious water resources.


While we've received some much-needed rain in the past week, it's important to note that it hasn't been enough to move us out of our drought contingency plan just yet. Our region still faces water scarcity challenges, and your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.


WaterMyYard: A Precise Approach to Lawn Care

In our ongoing efforts to support water conservation and help you maintain beautiful lawns while being mindful of our environment, we're want to make you aware of a great resource called the WaterMyYard program. This initiative, offered through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office, is designed to provide you with personalized, data-driven watering advice for your specific lawn and irrigation system.


Here's how WaterMyYard works:

  1. Local Weather Data: The program utilizes local weather data collected from an extensive network of weather stations and rain gauges in sponsored areas.
  2. Research-Based Insights: Experts combine this weather data with a deep understanding of plant water needs to develop customized weekly watering advice for your lawn.
  3. Free and Easy: Best of all, this service is entirely free for residents, and it's incredibly easy to use. You can access it from the comfort of your home.

By signing up for WaterMyYard, you'll not only ensure that your lawn gets the right amount of water, but you'll also contribute to our community's ongoing water conservation efforts.


We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource. Visit the WaterMyYard website to sign up and start receiving tailored watering advice for your lawn. It's a small step that can make a big difference in preserving our water resources while keeping your lawn looking its best.


Once again, thank you for your dedication to water conservation during this drought. Together, we are making a positive impact on our community and our environment.

Embracing Innovation: City's Transition to Nextiva Phone Services

We have some exciting news to share regarding a significant upgrade to our city's telephone system that will enhance our ability to serve you better. At the August City Council meeting, important information about changing phone service providers was reviewed, and we'd like to provide you with all the details.


A Leap into the Future


Our current telephone system has served us well, but with the rapid evolution of technology, we've recognized the need for a more adaptable and integrated solution. The current premises-based system lacks the functionality required to seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies that can help us grow and serve our staff and residents more efficiently.


Embracing Cloud Hosting for Enhanced Functionality


To meet these evolving needs, we are transitioning to a cloud-hosted telephone system. This shift will unlock a realm of possibilities, including the integration of features like a chatbot. This move toward innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements while providing you with a more seamless and interactive experience.


Finding the Right Partner


After thorough research and evaluation of various options, the services offered by Nextiva, Inc. emerged as a standout choice. Nextiva is renowned for its comprehensive suite of communication channels, including voice, video, collaboration, SMS/MMS, and surveys. These tools enable us to access vital information at the right time, enhancing your overall experience with more efficient and effective communication.


Nextiva is distinguished by its reputation for reliability, ease of setup, award-winning support, and expertise in the field. Moreover, their system boasts robust security measures and scalability, ensuring that our communication infrastructure remains resilient and adaptable.


A Closer Look at the Costs


In the meeting packet, the Council reviewed a detailed quote for Nextiva's services, breaking down both non-recurring and recurring costs. The one-time cost for equipment and installation is $10,500. The necessary funds for this expenditure will be sourced from the Capital Replacement Fund savings, which has been thoughtfully accumulated over several years, with a balance of $175,000 as of the 2022-2023 budget year.


The recurring monthly cost of $2,270.67, along with an additional $889.51 for taxes and fees, will be covered by the funds already budgeted for the city's phone services. Rest assured, these costs will not require additional funds. It's important to note that some of these fees, such as the FCC Regulatory Fee and State E911 Surcharge, are obligatory and not exclusive to our city. Any listed state and local taxes will be canceled in the final monthly billings.


A Step Towards More Engaging Communication


This transition also opens the door to more interactive communication with our residents. With the ability to text in questions and receive real-time answers, we're making it easier than ever for you to engage with us. By the end of 2023 the chatbot feature should be fully live. Utilizing the latest technology in AI residents will be able to text the city and receive real time answers to their dynamic questions. Two-way texting between the city and residents will provide another valuable channel for communication for day to day operations as well.


Change is on the Horizon


The City Council has authorized this significant change, which is tentatively scheduled to take place in October. The good news is that you should see no disruptions or impacts during this transition. Our commitment to providing you with exceptional service remains unwavering.


This move is not just about technology; it's about improving the way we connect and serve you, our valued residents. As we step into this exciting new chapter, we'll keep the community updated at each important interval. Stay tuned for more details on how this innovative shift will enhance our city's communication landscape.


Thank you for your continued support as we embrace the future and strive to make our city an even better place to call home.

Dillard Drive Set for Transformation: On-Street Parking Gets the Green Light

In the August City Council meeting that had residents and business owners on the edge of their seats, a proposal to revamp Dillard Drive took center stage. The outcome? A resounding "yes" to the introduction of on-street parking, a change set to redefine convenience for our thriving community.


A Request Sparks Curiosity


This request was initiated by the building owners along Dillard Drive. As their buildings fill up with employees and customers they requested more parking on the street, which is currently 4 lanes.


The Engineer's Expertise


In a quest for answers and solutions, the city's Building Official enlisted the expertise of an accomplished engineer. Their verdict was clear: Dillard Drive could indeed be reduced by a lane to accommodate on-street parking, opening the door to a transformative change.


Community Unites for Progress


Business owners along Dillard Drive rallied behind the concept of on-street parking, recognizing that our city is thriving. The buildings are bustling with activity, and parking spaces can sometimes be a precious commodity.


A Glimpse of the Future


So, what can we expect from this transformation? Imagine 8'x20' striped parking spaces thoughtfully positioned 30' from stop signs and 15' from each side of fire hydrants. City staff expect this work to be completed within the next few weeks.


Additionally, keen observers have noted a historical trend—people already tend to park on Dillard Drive, particularly near the Social Security Administration Building. Acknowledging this, city staff sees no drawbacks in extending on-street parking to that part of Dillard Drive as well.


Council's Forward-Thinking Decision


In a unanimous vote, the City Council showcased their commitment to the welfare of residents and businesses alike. They gave their nod to the introduction of on-street parking on the north side of Dillard Drive from Senate Avenue westward, covering an approximate distance of 1,300 feet.


This decision not only introduces a new level of convenience but also aligns with our city's dedication to fostering progress and prosperity.



The future of Dillard Drive is poised for brilliance, thanks to the collaborative efforts of city staff, the support of local businesses, and the decisive action of our City Council. Together, we're set to unlock the full potential of our community.


Get ready for changes along Dillard Drive—a symbol of progress that echoes our city's vibrant spirit!

City Council Approves Autonomous Lawn Mowers for Enhanced Park Maintenance

We have some exciting news from the August City Council meeting that's set to make our parks even more beautiful and efficient. The City Council has given the green light to the purchase of autonomous lawn mowers for our Parks Department. Let's delve into the details of this innovative initiative.


Robotic Mowers: Revolutionizing Park Maintenance


Our Parks Department is about to enter a new era of lawn maintenance with the introduction of robotic lawn mowers. These autonomous machines will redefine our mowing schedule, enabling us to seamlessly incorporate project days into our regular operations. This means our parks will not only look immaculate but also serve as versatile spaces for community projects and activities.


Utilizing Government Purchasing Co-Op For Efficient Pricing


For this initiative, we've selected Husqvarna robotic mowers. We'll be acquiring these robotic mowers through the BuyBoard government purchasing co-op, with a total investment of $41,112. What's more, these robotic mowers have already proven their worth during beta testing on our golf course, demonstrating their effectiveness and reliability.


Efficiency and Reliability at the Forefront


One of the remarkable advantages of these autonomous mowers is their ability to work tirelessly, ensuring our parks remain beautifully maintained. By taking over the regular mowing tasks, they free up valuable time for our Parks Department to focus on enhancing our parks with new projects and improvements.


A Win-Win for Our Community


The City Council's approval of this project is a win-win for our community. It means more efficient and precise park maintenance, leading to well-groomed and inviting green spaces. Additionally, it opens up opportunities for creative projects that will further enhance our parks for the enjoyment of all residents.


We're eagerly anticipating the positive impact of these autonomous mowers as they begin their work. Get ready to experience parks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also primed for exciting community initiatives.


Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey toward more beautiful and well-maintained city parks!

Ezee Fiber To Resume Installation Of Fiber Optic Cables In Jersey Village

December 29, 2023

Ezee Fiber has completed all of their work in the city. 

December 7, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan

December 5, 2023

From Ezee Fiber:
We only have 500 feet left to excavate and crews are finishing up aerial work in a few remaining areas.  As crews are working to finish the project, we will have testers and splicers all around the city fixing individual issues, as they arise.  We are aiming to be completely done by the end of next week.

As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.


November 29, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan. Ezee Fiber is nearing completion in multiple areas. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.

November 27, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan. Ezee Fiber is nearing completion in multiple areas. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.

November 14, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.


November 13, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.


November 8, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan.

November 7, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.

November 3, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan.

November 1, 2023

The latest Three Day Plan is the same as yesterday. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.

Update October 31, 2023

The latest Three Day Plan is the same as yesterday. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems.


Update October 30, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan

Update October 28, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan.


Update October 26, 2023

Click here for the latest Three Day Plan.

Update October 24, 2023

Ezee Fiber will be doing a large amount of boring and underground work over the next few days. Please see this Three Day Plan for all of the locations. As a reminder, Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085 if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems. 

Update October 20, 2023

They are coming close to completing portions of the first few plans, so this plan is introducing multiple new work areas.   They will also begin construction on the Cabinet Location on Senate Ave. Click here for the latest Three Day Plan.

Update October 17, 2023

Chris Perry with Ezee Fiber is located at City Hall and can be reached at 346-250-5085. Here is the Three Day Plan as of today

Update October 13, 2023

Ezee Fiber will have one of their employees based at City Hall through the duration of their work in Jersey Village to address resident concerns. Chris Perry can be reached at 346-250-5085.

Click here to view the three day plan for work starting on Monday, October 16, 2023. 

Update October 11, 2023

Ezee Fiber will resume their construction in the city of Jersey Village on Monday, October 16, 2023. City staff, Ezee Fiber staff, and staff from MHO (the company that will be doing the digging and boring) met with line locating company USIC and representatives from AT&T and CenterPoint Energy on Tuesday, October 10. That meeting addressed several concerns from all parties to try and set the project up for the best success possible.

As part of their starting work Ezee Fiber will have a staff person housed at the Jersey Village City Hall to handle all concerns or issues from residents that may arise during the construction period. Ezee Fiber will also provide the city with a 3 day plan, which will be posted to the city website here. It is anticipated that the work will be completed within six weeks.

This page will be updated daily, or more frequently if required, with the newest information posted at the top of this page and timestamped as appropriate. Please check back here for contact information for Ezee Fiber staff if there are issues or concerns which will be posted when it is given to the city.


Information posted September 5, 2023

Many residents have asked about telecommunications companies like Ezee Fiber installing fiber optic cables in easements within our city. We appreciate your interest in understanding the regulatory framework governing such activities. Allow us to provide some insights into this matter.


Why the City Cannot Regulate Telecommunications Companies in Easements:


1. State Regulations: In the state of Texas, telecommunications companies, especially those deploying essential infrastructure like fiber optic cables, are primarily regulated by state laws and agencies. The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) is the state agency responsible for overseeing telecommunications providers and their operations.


2. Easements Defined: Easements are designated areas of land typically situated on or near private properties. They are legally designated for the installation of utility and telecommunications infrastructure. These easements are considered private property rights, and state law generally governs activities within them.


3. Federal Jurisdiction: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also plays a significant role in regulating telecommunications companies, particularly in areas related to the deployment of broadband and telecommunications infrastructure. Federal regulations, in many cases, take precedence over local regulations.


4. City's Regulatory Scope: Local municipalities, including our city, often have regulatory authority limited to the city's right-of-way. The right-of-way encompasses public areas like streets, sidewalks, and utility corridors where the city has jurisdiction to regulate and permit various activities, including the installation of telecommunications infrastructure.


City's Role and Collaboration:


While the city may not have direct regulatory authority over telecommunications activities within easements, we do collaborate with companies like Ezee Fiber to ensure that their operations are carried out with minimal disruption to residents. This collaboration includes coordination to prevent damage to city-owned infrastructure and adherence to safety and aesthetic guidelines. Part of this includes a work agreement that all companies who bore in the city must adhere to.


Summary: Work Agreement for Excavation and Boring in the City


We want to provide you with a clear and concise overview of the work agreement in place for excavation and boring activities within our city. This agreement outlines essential guidelines and procedures that help ensure the safety and efficiency of these operations.


Training and Onboarding:

- All individuals involved in excavator or boring work for the applicant (the city) must undergo onboarding training.

- Training includes topics such as safe excavation practices around gas and electric utilities, calling 811, white lining, and marking standards.

- Once training is completed and documented, work can commence.


Three Day Plan:

- Any excavator or subcontractor working on behalf of the contractor must submit a three-day plan to the city.

- This plan includes a start date, the contractor's and subcontractor's names, the crew leader's name, and contact information.

- The plan is submitted as soon as the job is received and before calling in locate tickets.


Active Communication:

- Line locating services (e.g., ULS or USIC) follow an agreed-upon schedule and provide daily updates via email.

- Updates are sent to general contractors, subcontractors, and the city.

- Updates inform subcontractors of any issues accessing properties or encountering troubled facilities.


No Access:

- Subcontractors must not begin drilling until access has been granted.

- In situations where safety is a concern, a joint agreement is reached on how to proceed.

- If no access is granted, the subcontractor informs the locating company.


Trouble Locate:

- If trouble is identified and initial potholing efforts fail, the city works with locating companies and affected utilities to find the facility's true location before work can continue.

- Excavators will attempt to expose marks for verification.

- If the utility remains unlocatable, the issue escalates to utility remediation.


811 Line Locate Management:

- Excavators must manage their locate tickets and white line the proposed excavation location.

- Locating companies will locate a 20-foot radius around the white line.

- If excavation occurs outside this zone, the contractor assumes responsibility.

- Contractors limit the scope of locate tickets, calling them for one street at a time or when direction changes occur.


This work agreement is designed to promote safety, efficiency, and effective communication during excavation and boring activities within our city. It ensures that all parties involved work together to minimize disruptions and protect our utilities.


Your Voice Matters:


Your concerns are important to us, and we encourage residents to engage with telecommunications companies when they are working in your area. If you have specific concerns about the activities of a telecommunications company like Ezee Fiber or believe that they are not following regulations, we recommend reaching out to the Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC). They have the expertise and authority to address concerns related to telecommunications providers' activities in Texas.


We appreciate your understanding and proactive engagement in matters that affect our community. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist and advocate for the best interests of our residents.


We'd like to inform our residents that Ezee Fiber has recently submitted applications to continue their ongoing work within our city. These permit applications have been approved by the city, allowing Ezee Fiber to proceed with their projects. As we know residents are concerned about this type of work in our city we will be sharing the forthcoming work plans submitted by Ezee Fiber on this webpage as they are received.  This will enable residents to stay informed about the upcoming construction activities in their vicinity.


Jersey Village moves to Phase 1 of Drought Contingency Plan

On Friday, August 25 the city announced that on Monday, August 28, the city would enter Phase 2 of the Drought Contingency Plan. The original impetus was a request received from the City of Houston, as the City of Houston entered Phase 2 of their plan. However, over the weekend of August 26-27 the City hit a Phase 2 triggering event of water production capacity reaching 95 percent of the safe water production capacity of the city.


City staff have been actively monitoring water usage and production capacity since July. As of August 31 water production capacity has been below 95 percent of the safe water production capacity of the city for three consecutive days. Staff have determined that a move to Phase 1 of our Drought Contingency Plan will be sufficient to meet the 10% water reduction goal that is mandatory from the City of Houston.


As such the starting August 31 the City of Jersey Village is moving to Phase 1 of our Drought Contingency Plan. The goal of this phase is to meet the reduction required by the City of Houston and to bring water production below 90 percent of the production capacity of the city.

As part of this plan mandatory water restrictions are in place for all residents and public landscaping areas. Water customers shall limit the irrigation of landscaped areas to Mondays and Thursdays for customers with a street address ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 or 8), and Tuesdays and Fridays for water customers with a street address ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9), and to irrigate landscapes only between the hours of midnight and 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to midnight on designated watering days.


Some residents have had questions about the differences between the Phases of the Drought Contingency Plan for the City of Jersey Village and the City of Houston. Jersey Village and Houston have different triggering events and different water use reduction goals as part of their plans. Click here to view the City of Jersey Village Plan and click here to view the City of Houston Plan.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires every city to update its plan every five years. The Jersey Village plan will be updated no later than April 2024. As part of that process the city will be soliciting feedback from residents on the plan. Please be on the lookout for that in early 2024.


If there are questions on the current stage of our drought contingency plan please contact city hall at 713-466-2100. 

Jersey Village Selected For Over $9 Million in Grants for Home Elevations as Part of Ongoing Flood Mitigation Efforts

The City of Jersey Village is thrilled to announce that it has been selected for two substantial grants totaling $9,066,959 to support home elevations as a critical component of its comprehensive flood mitigation efforts. These grants mark a significant milestone in the city's unwavering commitment to enhancing its resilience against flooding and safeguarding its residents and properties.


Grant 1: Elevating 14 Homes with $4,427,150

Grant 2: Elevating 14 Homes with $4,639,809


In a stride towards creating a more flood-resistant community, Jersey Village has secured a grant these grants to elevate a total of 28 homes vulnerable to flooding. This funding will enable the city to implement elevation measures that not only provide immediate relief to homeowners but also contribute to long-term flood prevention strategies. This reinforces the city's dedication to building a resilient future, one where the impacts of flooding are mitigated through proactive measures and collaborative efforts.


A Total of $24,618,082 in Grant Funding for Flood Mitigation Efforts


These two grants, in combination with previous initiatives, have propelled Jersey Village's total grant funding for flood mitigation to an impressive $24,618,082. Since making flood mitigation a priority in 2017, the city has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents.


Mayor Warren commented on the significance of these grants, stating, "We are immensely grateful for the support we've received through these grants. Flood mitigation has been at the forefront of our agenda, and this funding allows us to take proactive steps in reducing the impact of flooding on our community. These grants are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the ongoing collaboration between our city, residents, and government agencies."


Jersey Village remains committed to its long-term vision of creating a resilient, flood-resistant community. By securing funding for home elevations, the city is not only ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents but also setting an example for other municipalities facing similar challenges.


For more information about Jersey Village's flood mitigation efforts, please visit

Average Monthly Billing for Utility Bills

Even out the highs & lows of your monthly utility payments!


The City of Jersey Village now has Average Monthly Payments (AMP) sometimes referred to as budget billing.  The City of Jersey Village Average Monthly Payment (AMP) program is designed to help customers avoid unpredictable and fluctuating bills by leveling out payments over the year allowing customers to budget their monthly payments.  The AMP is for residential customers and is a free service.




  • Residential customer must request AMP
  • Customer must have had a minimum of twelve (12) months of continuous utility service with the City of Jersey Village
  • Balance must be current with no past due amounts owed
  • No non-payment cutoffs within the past twelve (12) months
  • If removed from AMP for any reason, cannot be added back to AMP for twelve (12) months.


Monthly payment will change each month based on the rolling average of the prior twelve (12) months of bills & will begin with the billing cycle after this agreement. If the account is eligible, extensions may be granted while on the AMP program. If services are cutoff for non-payment or for any reason while on the AMP program, the full balance will be due prior to reconnection and the account will be removed from the AMP program for twelve (12) months.


Fill out this form to enroll.





FAQs about Average Monthly Payment (AMP)



What is Average Monthly Payment (AMP)?

The AMP program averages the prior twelve (12) months of utility bills to determine an average monthly payment amount due.  This is a rolling twelve (12) months so the average monthly payment due will fluctuate monthly.


What are the benefits of AMP?

The benefits of AMP are to help avoid unpredictable bills by leveling out monthly payments to help you budget accordingly. 


Who can enroll in AMP?

All residential customers who are current with no past due balances, have had a minimum of twelve (12) months of continuous utility service and no non-payment cutoffs within the prior twelve (12) months.


What are my monthly energy costs with AMP?

You will pay your AMP amount each month.  Your actual electric, natural gas & water consumption is still billed. 


How do you calculate my AMP?

The AMP amount is calculated by taking the current month plus the prior eleven (11) months of bills & dividing by 12.  (Example:  12 months of bills total $5,671.81 divided by 12 = $472.65. This month your AMP would be $472.65)


How can I enroll in the AMP program?

You can easily request enrollment with our online enrollment request form.  Complete the online form and a staff member will contact you to let you know if you are approved. 


When does AMP take effect?

It will take effect on the next billing cycle after enrollment.


Does the AMP amount ever increase or decrease?

Yes.  Since this is an average of your prior twelve (12) months of utility bills, the amount due will change each month based on the average of your actual bill.


Is there a ”settle-up” period?

No, there is no settle-up period.  Only if you request to be removed from the program, are removed from the program due to non-payment or discontinue services you will then be required to pay the full balance on the account. 

Topworkplace Award

Jersey Village, Texas, November 14, 2022 - City of Jersey Village has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2022 honor by Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage LLC. The confidential survey uniquely measures 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization: including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.


“Earning a Top Workplaces award is a badge of honor for companies, especially because it comes authentically from their employees,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “That's something to be proud of. In today's market, leaders must ensure they’re allowing employees to have a voice and be heard. That's paramount. Top Workplaces do this, and it pays dividends.”


“Delivering a top-quality experience for our residents starts by having highly engaged and motivated employees,” said City Manager Austin Bleess. “I am honored for the City to receive this award. It is a true testament to the hard work that has gone into investing in our employees over the past few years.”

Learn more about the award by visiting the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces Award webpage.


Sign Up To Receive Your Utility Bills Via Email

The City of Jersey Village is excited to announce residents can now sign up to receive their utility bill via email every month. 

The process is simple and easy to do. 

  1. Use this link to go to your online utility bill account.
  2. Log in to your account. If you don't have an account click on "Sign In or Sign Up".
    ebill registration screenshot 1
  3. If your account is not listed there click on "Manage Accounts" on the left hand side. If your account is listed skip to step 5.
    ebill registration screenshot 2
  4. Enter your Account Number and last payment amount, which you can find on your most recent bill. 
    ebill registration screenshot 2.1
  5. On the left hand side click on "Contact preferences".
    ebill registration screenshot 3
  6. Select the spot under Sign up for e-Billing and enter your email address. You can also enter your phone number for notifications as well. 
  7. Click Update and you are done!


Once you are signed up for e-bills you will not receive a paper copy of your bill anymore. You can log in and see or download a PDF version of your bill. 

If you haven't already done so, now is a great time to also sign up for free and easy automatic bank draft for your utility bill. If you sign up for this your utility bill will automatically be deducted from your account on the 25th of the month. To sign up for this please complete and return this form.