Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project #1

The sewer line that starts at Rio Grande and goes along Wall Street and turns up Crawford to Tahoe has been identified as in need of urgent repair. That work has been designed and will be out to bid in February 2024. It is anticipated the contract will be ready for the City Council to review and take possible action on at their March 18, 2024 City Council Meeting.

During the March 18, 2024 City Council meeting the Council awarded the bid for this section of work to C&A Construction LLC at a base bid price of $796,893.44. There are alternative extras that were authorized as well for an additional $94,320 that may be utilized if necessary during construction.

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Project Update for 5/23/24, Saturday Work

The crew had several productive days this week. There are two joints left to complete the open cut replacement between manhole #5 and  manhole #6, which should be finished by Friday at the latest. On Wednesday, the base of the new manhole #2 was put in place. Additionally, the sidewalk for the resident near manhole #1 was formed and poured.

The contractor has been granted permission to conduct work activities this Saturday 5/25/24.  

Project Update for May 9
The contractor did not work this past Saturday as the ground was still too wet. They are planning on working this Saturday, May 11. 

Excavation and Bypass Installation:
Last week, significant progress was made at the lift station project site. The crew commenced with the excavation of the area designated for a manhole, which is necessary to install a bypass to facilitate work on the lift station. During this process, an abandoned pipe was discovered. A meeting with the engineer determined that the manhole placement could be adjusted to avoid interference with the abandoned line, allowing the excavation to proceed without complications.

Excavation and Trench Protection:
The crew continued with the excavation, implementing trench protection measures to safely reach the 36" line where the manhole would be installed. The line was located successfully, but subsequent rain on Thursday filled the excavation site with water. On Monday, well points were installed to manage and dry the groundwater, preparing the area for the installation of bull rock, fabric, and stabilized sand. This created a stable foundation for the manhole.

Concrete Pour and Manhole Installation:
On Tuesday, the lab supervised the concrete pour, which proceeded without issues. The "doghouse" manhole structure was then placed and left to cure overnight. On Wednesday, the lift station was temporarily shut down to allow for the stabilized sand to be placed. The crew then connected the manhole, grouting where the pipe entered, and the lift station was restarted by midday.

Backfilling and Completion:
The backfilling process began today, with the lab present to ensure proper compaction densities. The well points were removed, and additional risers were added to the manhole structure. Tomorrow, the top "cone" will be installed, and the final backfilling will be completed. The manhole installation is scheduled for completion by the end of the day.

Saturday Work
As the contractor has not been able to work the last few days due to rain, they have requested the ability to work on Saturday. That Saturday work request has been approved. The contractor will be working Saturday, May 4, 2024. 

Progress Report April 29, 2024
Friday the crew completed Sanitary Man Hole (SMH) 6 and will be backfilling today. SMH has been excavated and they will be replacing it today and then do the open cut to replace the pipe between the two.
They also have another crew there today and they will be working on SMH 1, which is at the north side of Crawford at the intersection with Tahoe.  They turned off the bypass from the manhole on south side of Rio Grande at Village to SMH 4 which is in the driveway of the residence on the NE corner of Rio Grande and Wall St. There is a good improvement in flow already. 

Work To Commence April 22
This week the line locates were done so the contractor can begin their work. Work is scheduled to begin on Monday morning, April 22. Please be sure to check out previous updates to find the current schedule of events for the project. 

Project Scheduled To Start April 22

On April 9 the City was provided with a Construction Schedule for the project. You may view that schedule in PDF Format here. It shows the scheduled dates and which streets will be impacted. 

Work is scheduled to begin on Rio Grande Street on the week of April 22. This is the longest piece of the project, and is scheduled to take 16 days to complete.

The whole project is schedule to wrap up the week of June 3. 

This schedule could change based on weather and other considerations. If the schedule changes we will post that here along with the other regular updates. 

City Council Awards Contract For Sewer Project

During the March 2024 City Council Meeting, the City Council awarded the contract for the project. The contractor has been notified and a Notice To Proceed is expected to be issued in April 2024. 

The map below shows the general area where work will be performed. Click on the map for a larger version.

Map Of Project

This page will be where communications are posted on a regular basis for the project. Please check back frequently.