Wall Street Neighborhood Project

The Wall Street Neighborhood Project is primarily a project to increase drainage in the neighborhood. The Project is being funded by FEMA, CDBG-DR, and the City. 

Wall Street will be entirely repaved, while the other streets will be partially repaved. You can see a map of exactly where the construction will take place by clicking here. All storm sewer lines will be replaced. Water and sewer lines are not under the streets and are not a part of this project. They will be completed at a later date. 

Click here to see the berm plans and how it integrates into the Wall Street plans.

General Construction Schedule

This is the time line for likely construction, but it is subject to change:

  • Wall Street 4/21/21 – 9/3/21
  • Crawford St 7/29/21 – 9/30/21
  • Carlsbad St 5/13/21 – 12/21/21
  • Tahoe St 9/14/21 – 1/31/22
  • Capri St 7/12/21 – 11/13/21
  • Pump Station 6/1/21 –2/2/22
  • Cleanup February 2022

This schedule was last updated July 15, 2021. 

Construction Updates

Construction updates will be posted no earlier than Thursday afternoons.  Please scroll down for earlier project updates. 

Traffic Control Plan

Updated Schedule as of September 10

Update for August 15, 2022

This project is complete. The city is working on paying the final bills and project close out in August. 


Update for July 29, 2022

All of the electricity has been installed. Project close out should occur in August. 


Update for June 23, 2022

Today the Contractor turned on the generator, controls, and all four pumps to demonstrate that the pump station is substantially complete and can be placed in service if there is a flood event. 

The pump station startup, powered by the generator, will be conducted on Tuesday, June 28.  We will run final tests on the pump station equipment and will have certificate of completion after all systems are observed to perform as expected.


Update for June 22, 2022

The contractor and CenterPoint are supposed to be on site today to install the meter. Generator start up should happen by June 30. 


Update for June 13, 2022

We are still awaiting the electrical connection from CenterPoint to be complete. 

Update for May 13, 2022

We are awaiting the electrical connection from CenterPoint to be complete. 


Update for May 4, 2022 

The gas connection has been made. We are awaiting the electrical connection from CenterPoint to be complete. 


Update for April 13, 2022. 

The slues gate motor was installed today. 

The gas and electric connection are still awaiting completion from CenterPoint. That should be completed by April 25. 


Update for March 29, 2022

The slues gate motor should be delivered an installed by April 8th. 


Update for March 21, 2022

The slues gate motor has been procured. It should be on site and installed by April 1. 

The generator and pumps for the Wall Street project. A gas connection from CenterPoint and the electrical work is scheduled to be complete by March 25. 

Update for March 10, 2022

The pumps for Wall Street have been delivered and installed. They will be tested in the next week or two. 

The contractor had to procure a slues gate motor from a different vendor. A temporary hand crank has been installed so it is operational. The motor should be here in April. 

Update for February 23, 2022

The pumps should be delivered on site this week, and will be installed shortly after delivery. 

The slues gate motor has not yet arrived. 

Update As Of January 27, 2022

A walk through of the Wall Street subdivision area will be completed on February 10.

The pumps and slues gate motor are scheduled to be shipped on January 31, 2022 and should arrive on site the week of February 7. They will be installed week of February 14.

The project should be substantially complete by early March 2022. 

January 2022

We are still awaiting delivery of the pumps. Once they are here they will be installed within 2 weeks. This is last major piece to be completed.

The contractor is responding to citizen concerns in the Wall Street area. 

December 2021

We are waiting for the pumps to be delivered and installed. The fence around the pump station has been installed. 


Week of November 29

The concrete work for the entire project area is nearly complete. Crews are working on restoring lawns and mailboxes. The majority of the work in the residential area is complete. City staff and crews will be doing a walk through in the next few weeks. 

Electrical work for the pump station is complete. The slues gate will be installed in December. 

The schedule, linked above, is still accurate for this project. 

Week of October 11

As part of the Wall Street Drainage Improvements there will be a water shut off for Crawford Street and Epernay Place on Thursday, September 14, from 9am - 2pm. The contractor will be connecting storm sewer pipes during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Work continues on Crawford and Carlsbad Streets where the contract is laying pavement. Driveways should be completed the week of October 25.

On Tahoe the contractor is laying the storm sewer pipe and working on pavement. 


Week of September 27

Water will be shut off for homes along Rio Grande from Village Drive to Smith Street, and homes on Country Club Court from 9-3pm on Thursday, Sept 30. This is necessary to connect the drainage from the Wall Street neighborhood to the golf course. 

The contractor will continue to install storm leads and inlets along Crawford. 

The contract will continue to lay pavement, sidewalks, and driveways on Tahoe and Carlsbad. 


Week of September 13

The contractor is scheduled to complete the driveways and sidewalks on Crawford street. The remaining curb work for Wall Street is scheduled to be completed. Sod and clean up for Wall Street should be completed as well.  Work will continue on the storm manholes and 42 inch pipe on Carlsbad. Work on Tahoe for the 30 inch storm sewer and manhole is scheduled to be started. On Capri Drive the contractor will do concrete pavement, driveways, and sidewalks. 

Due to Tropical Storm Nicholas the contract has requested, and been granted, to work on Saturday, September 18. 

Week of September 6

On Wall Street the contract should be laying sod and wrapping up cleanup work. 

On Crawford Street they will be laying concrete pavement, driveways, and sidewalk. 

On Carlsbad the storm sewer pipe installation will continue. 

On Capri they will install storm leads and inlets, subgrade, and the pavement.

Week of August 23

The contractor will be finishing up the pavement work on Wall Street. This week and next week they will be replacing any sidewalks and wrapping up driveway work as well.

On Capri Drive they have completed the manholes and storm sewer pipes. They are starting the work on the street, driveway and sidewalks.

For a full schedule please click here.

Week of August 16 As part of the Wall Street Drainage Improvement Project Rio Grande at Wall Street will be closed to traffic on Tuesday, August 17 – Thursday, August 19. The golf course gate will remain open for residents who live off Rio Grande Street north of Wall Street. Emergency services will be able to cover the entire city during this planned road closure. Please plan to avoid the area if you can.

Week of July 19 Contractor is scheduled, weather permitting, to remove paving on the north side of Wall Street, install the storm sewer line and inlets. Concrete pavement is scheduled to begin toward the end of the week. Work on the south side of Wall Street will finish before work on the north side begins. Contractor will continue to work on Capri Drive installing the new 30" HDPE pipe and manholes.

Week of July 12 The contractor started work on Capri this week. They are working on the 30" HDPE pipe and the manholes along Capri Drive. Weather permitting contractor will continue laying cement on the south side of Wall Street. 

Week of July 5 The Contractor is planning to work on Saturday, July 10. They will be doing the forming of pavement and driveways on Wall Street. They will have extra flagmen out for better traffic control. 

Starting June 30 the closing of traffic going west to east on Wall Street from Rio Grande will begin. Wall Street will be open both east and west from Carlsbad to Senate.

Flaggers are currently working at the intersection of Wall Street and Carlsbad, but are moving around Wall Street and Carlsbad in the work zone marked in red on the Traffic Control Plan. Arrows on the plan show the permitted direction of traffic that will be able to get access to the neighborhood. Wall Street will be restricted to flow from east to west from Carlsbad to Rio Grande as construction continues west. 

Starting June 16 through June 25 the Contractor will be doing storm sewer work on Wall Street, paving on Wall Street and Carlsbad. They will be doing the excavation and forming of the pump station along with electrical duct bank work for the pump station during this time frame as well. 

On May 27 the Contractor sent an updated schedule for the project. The week of May 31 they plan to finish the work on Carlsbad with the the junction boxes and manholes. This work on Carlsbad should wrap up by June 5. Work continues on Wall Street placing new storm sewer pipe and man holes. Work on Tahoe is scheduled to start on June 3. Work on the pump station is scheduled to begin June 1. The schedule overall has been updated, please see above. 

The week of May 10 the contractor is scheduled install more RCB's along wall street and a 30" storm water pipe along Wall Street.

The week of May 3 the contractor continues to install Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB) along Wall Street. The city received a traffic control plan, and has reviewed that. This should help improve some of the traffic flow issues. Uniform curb drains will be installed as part of the project. 

The week of April 26 they will continue construction of junction boxes. Please use caution when driving on Wall Street. 

The week of April 18 they began construction on the junction boxes in preparation of connecting into the existing storm sewer. 

The week of April 12 the contractor will mobilize to the site, start traffic control, tree protection, and SWPPP. They are scheduled to begin digging and construction during on April 21, 2021.