Warrant Information

The court may issue a warrant when:

  • you fail to appear
  • you fail to comply with an Order of the Court
  • you do not complete a payment plan or fail to make payments as promised

Failure to Appear:  if you fail to appear on or before the date listed at the bottom of your citation or on a scheduled court date and time, a violation of Failure to Appear may be filed against you. In addition the court may:

  1. Issue a warrant for your arrest.
  2. Add a $50 court cost for processing the warrant per violation.
  3. A hold may be placed with DPS to prevent the issuance/renewal of your driver's license as well as an additional $10 court cost.
  4. Forward your case(s) to a collection agency which will increase your outstanding balance by 30% per violation.

Failure to meet an order of the Court:  If you have appeared before a judge and agreed to a payment plan or extension of time to pay, community service, or other judicial orders, you must complete these orders or a warrant for your arrest may be issued.

Resolving a Warrant:  Your warrant may be canceled by pleading "no contest" or "guilty" to the violation(s) and making payment for the fine(s) and any additional court costs.

In person: Payment must be made in the form of cash, cashier's check, money order or by visa, master card, and discover with an additional 5% processing fee.


Online Payments: You may pay your warrant on the internet by using the court's online payment site.

If you wish to plead not guilty to a violation or desire a court date after a warrant of arrest has been issued, you may post a Cash Bond or Surety Bond to obtain a court date.

Capias Pro Fine Warrants will not be allowed to post a bond!

Cash Bond: A cash bond is usually equal to the amount of the fine. This money must be paid at the time your posting bond and a receipt will be issued with notice of your new court date and time.

Surety Bond: A local bondsman or a lawyer usually provides this bond. The surety may give a bond for your release. In this situation, you will receive a copy of the surety bond which will indicate a court date and time.

To find out whether or not you may have a warrant issued for your arrest you may visit our court records online site and search for your cases, visit Texas Failure to Appear, contact the court at (713) 466-2124, or contact the warrant officer directly at (713) 466-2150.