General Information
Municipal Court Staff:
 Name  Position
 Katherine Chancia  Presiding Judge
 Marcy McCorvey  Prosecutor
 Ernesto Rios  Clerk of the Court/Court Administrator
 Otilia Castro  Deputy Court Clerk
 Amy Jordan  Deputy Court Clerk
Please note that Jersey Village Municipal Court DOES NOT issue motor vehicle registrations.
You may visit our court records online site to view cases that you may have open with this court.

Judicial Staff: The Municipal Court Judge, Katherine Chancia, is only available during court sessions. If you wish to speak with the Judge concerning your case, you must appear in court. When Judge Chancia is unable to preside over cases one of our Associate Judges will hear them.

Administrative Staff: The Municipal Court Clerks are available at the Clerk’s office located in the front of the City Hall building at 16327 Lakeview, Jersey Village, Texas 77040 and may be contacted by telephone at 
713-466-2124. The clerks are available to answer questions in reference to your citation or arrest. However, court days, typically on Wednesdays,  are busy and will limit the time available to assist you.

Directions to Jersey Village Municipal Court

NOTE: The Municipal Court Staff CANNOT answer legal questions of any kind nor give legal advice. The clerks are allowed to explain court proceedings and procedures only. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.