Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for the City of Jersey Village is responsible for coordination between Local, County, State and Federal agencies. The OEM works with these agencies and builds working relationships to assist Jersey Village during times of disaster. During these times of disaster, such as hurricanes and floods, the Emergency Management Division works to provide planning, mitigation and recovery to the community.

The City Manager is the Incident Commander during such events and works with department heads who are assigned four divisions. Those divisions are Planning, Operations, Logistics and Finance. Each division plays a vital role in advising and implementing actions to address these disasters. The Emergency Manager works with the City Manager as his advisor so informed decisions benefiting the citizens and the community are made.
The Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Chief Mark Bitz, can answer questions you might have regarding Emergency Management. Please contact him at 713-466-2143 with any questions.
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