Hello everyone,

We have created an entire new page for Santa Signup. It has been tested multiple times for function. We are confident it will work. This is the new link for Saturday October 7, 2023 at 9:00am.



NEW SIGNUP DATE - October 7, 2023 9:00am

You will need your name, your phone number, email, your address and how many children you plan for Santa to visit. You don't need to pick days. Just sign up with the above information and we will call you. It is very simple and won't take but a minute to complete. The list will be created as a first come first serve list. The sooner you sign up and complete the required information, the better your chances of being on the initial list. We do expect the list to be long and that people will be on a waiting list after all the days are filled. We have allocated 150 slots to accommodate signups but to be clear, there is not 150 slots available. The days Santa will visit this year (December 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, & 17). Fridays begin at 6pm and end at 9pm. Saturday and Sunday days begin at 5pm and end at 9pm. We look forward to another year of Santa coming to visit Jersey Village!


New link will get posted below here before Saturday and it will work this time!