TIRZ 3 Projects

Based upon survey results sent to homeowners in the summer of 2021 the TIRZ 3 Board asked City Staff to work with the only 3 property owners that responded to the survey that they wanted to sell their home in 2021.

The homeowners selected an appraisal firm from two options. Once the appraisals came back the information was shared with the city and the homeowners. All three homeowners accepted the appraised value of the home as the purchase price. Based upon this the TIRZ 3 Board recommended the purchase of three homes to the City Council.

City Council authorized the purchase of these three homes in October 2021 in Resolution 2021-70. These properties were purchased and demolished in 2022. 

In October 2022 via Resolution 2022-65 the City Council has authorized the purchase of 2 more homes in the TIRZ 3 area. Those homes were purchased and the homes demolished by April 2023. This brought the total number of properties purchased by the City to 5. 

Lot Sales

On May 17, 2023 the City Council adopted Resolution 2023-22 authorizing the sale of the land at 15525 Jersey Drive, 15517 Jersey Drive, 15418 Jersey Drive, and 15417 Jersey Drive. All four lots were sold to NBM Group LLC. Closing is expected to happen in June 2023. 

On March 20, 2023 the City Council adopted Resolution 2023-12 authorizing the sale of the land at 15522 Jersey Drive to Ron D'Amico. Closing is expected to happen in May 2023. 

TIRZ 3 Budget

Below is the budget for TIRZ 3 for the current Fiscal Year.