Animal Control

The City of Jersey Village has a contract with Harris County to provide animal control services since 2014. When requested Harris County Veterinary Public Health will patrol for loose or vicious animals within the city. They will also pick up and house animals that are found by them or city staff.

In most cases city staff are able to catch loose animals and house them temporarily until they can be picked up by the county. In some cases the animals cannot be caught easily. Harris County will not use tactics such as tranquilizers for animals that are not showing viscous behaviors. The City annually budgets for these services in our Community Development Department.

How To Report A Loose Animal

To report a loose animal please contact Code Enforcement via email or phone at 713-466-2129 during regular business hours. After hours you can contact Dispatch at 713-466-5824. City staff will attempt to locate and catch loose animals and will work with the County as appropriate.

How To Report A Lost Pet

If you have lost your pet you can contact Code Enforcement at 713-466-2129 during regular business hours. After hours you can contact Dispatch at 713-466-5824. Providing the pet description and a picture can aid in reuniting you with your pet. 

Found pets are often brought to the Harris County resource center for their safety. Please either check the Harris County Pets website or make an appointment here to come look for your lost pet.

Please note that fees/fines may be applied in order to pick up an animal at the Harris County Pets Resource Center. Learn more here.

Don't Forget to Register Your Dog or Cat

To help reunite you with your lost dog or cat please be sure to register your animal annually with the City. Upon registration you will receive a pet tag that can be placed on your animals collar which helps the city identify your pet.  Learn more here.


Several local pet stores and veterinary clinics offer microchipping of pets. Microchipping a pet is simple, relatively painless and very affordable. Once implanted, authorities only need to scan the pet’s microchip to locate your information. But remember: a microchip is only useful if your contact information is updated.

Animal Control Budget

The Animal Control Budget is a part of our Community Development Budget. It's Expense Line Number is 01-31-3521. Below you can see the Category of the Department Budget that contains the Animal Control line item.