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Jersey Village Achieves Pioneering Open Government and Compliance Transparency Star

Jersey Village is proud to announce that it has been recognized by the Texas Comptroller as one of the first cities in Texas to receive the Transparency Star Award in the area of Open Government and Compliance. This prestigious accolade underscores our commitment to transparent governance and accountability, aligning with the deepest values of democratic governance.

Rooted in Tradition and Accountability
The concept of open governance in the United States is founded on the principle of being governed by a body that is both representative and accountable. The Texas Open Meetings Act is a critical component of this framework, ensuring that the rights of Texans to interact and petition their government are protected and facilitated. This Act requires that all meetings of governmental bodies be conducted openly, with clear guidelines to guarantee transparency.

Demonstrating Compliance and Commitment
In Jersey Village, compliance with these transparency mandates is not just a legal obligation but a commitment to our residents. This award from the Texas Comptroller evaluates the adherence to the Open Meetings Act by our City Council. Moreover, Jersey Village extends this transparency by archiving additional public streamed meetings, making them accessible to all our citizens, furthering our dedication to openness.

A Broader Recognition of Transparency
Jersey Village also holds Transparency Stars in four other critical areas: Traditional Finances, Economic Development, Public Pensions, and Debt Obligations. According to the Comptroller website out of 87 cities in Texas that have been recognized with these transparency awards, Jersey Village stands out as one of only 14 cities that have achieved five or more Transparency Stars. This broad recognition highlights our city's holistic approach to transparency across multiple sectors of governance.

Why This Matters
This recognition is not just a badge of honor; it represents our ongoing efforts to ensure that our operations are as open and accessible as possible. It reflects our city's policy of open doors and open books, fostering a trustful relationship between the government and the people it serves. Through these efforts, we continue to build on our commitment to a responsive and accountable local government.

For residents and interested parties, further details about our governance and compliance efforts, along with archived meetings and other transparency-related materials, are available on our website. We invite our community members to explore these resources and stay engaged with how we are working to serve you better.

Open Government Transparency Certificate