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Sanitary Sewer Work on Rio Grande, Wall Street, Crawford, Tahoe

As part of the 2023 Bond Projects a significant sewer line repair project is set to commence, addressing a crucial need within our city's wastewater management system. The sewer line in question, extending from Rio Grande along Wall Street and turning up Crawford to Tahoe, has been flagged for urgent repairs to ensure the continued efficiency and safety of our community's wastewater services.

City Council Moves Forward with Repairs

Recognizing the importance of this project, the Jersey Village City Council, in its meeting on March 18, 2024, awarded the repair contract to C&A Construction LLC. The agreed base bid for this essential work stands at $796,893.44, with an additional allocation of $94,320 approved for alternative extras. These contingencies ensure that any unforeseen challenges encountered during the construction phase can be addressed promptly, without compromising the project's timeline or effectiveness.

Project Timeline and Impact

Contracts with C&A Construction LLC were finalized in early April, setting the stage for work to begin in the coming weeks. The project is scheduled for completion within 45 days from its commencement. This swift timeline reflects our commitment to minimizing disruption to our residents while addressing the critical infrastructure needs of our city.

Stay Informed

As we prepare to undertake this significant project, we understand the importance of keeping our residents informed every step of the way. Updates, including the project's start date, progress reports, and any potential impact on residents, will be regularly provided through our website.