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Jersey Village City Council Sets Meeting Schedule for 2024-2025

In an effort to ensure city governance aligns more closely with the community’s needs and schedules, the Jersey Village City Council has established its meeting schedule for June 2024 through May 2025. This decision, made during the March 2024 City Council meeting, reflects the Council's commitment to accessibility and transparency, taking into consideration various factors that impact attendance and participation.


Adapting to Community Needs

The City of Jersey Village operates under a Charter that requires at least one regular City Council meeting each month. These meetings, traditionally held on the third Monday of each month, are where the decision-making process for city governance happens, allowing for public involvement and ensuring the city's operations are conducted in an open and public manner.


Recognizing the need for flexibility, the Council reviewed and adjusted the traditional meeting schedule to better accommodate the local school schedule, city holidays, the city election cycle, and other logistical considerations. These changes aim to maximize community engagement and participation in the governance process.


The New Schedule

The City Council has adopted a revised meeting schedule that maintains the regular cadence of meetings while adjusting specific dates to avoid conflicts. Here’s a quick overview of the new schedule, with all meetings set to begin at 7 PM:


- June 17, 2024: 3rd Monday

- July 15, 2024: 3rd Monday

- August 19, 2024: 3rd Monday

- September 16, 2024: 3rd Monday

- October 14, 2024: 2nd Monday (Adjusted)

- November 18, 2024: 3rd Monday

- December 16, 2024: 3rd Monday

- January 13, 2025: 2nd Monday (Adjusted)

- February 10, 2025: 2nd Monday (Adjusted)

- March 17, 2025: 3rd Monday

- April 14, 2025: 2nd Monday (Adjusted)

- May 14, 2025: Wednesday (Special Adjustment)


Enhancing Accessibility and Engagement

This updated schedule is part of the City Council’s ongoing efforts to enhance the accessibility of city governance and encourage active participation from Jersey Village residents. By adjusting meeting dates to accommodate school schedules and avoid holidays and election-related conflicts, the Council hopes to make it easier for residents to attend meetings, voice their opinions, and stay informed about the city’s developments.


Mark Your Calendars

We encourage all Jersey Village residents to take note of these dates and consider attending City Council meetings. You can also subscribe to the city calendar so you always have the latest city events shown along side your regular calendar in your favorite calendar app. These gatherings are a valuable opportunity to learn more about the decisions that affect our community, provide feedback, and engage directly with city leaders.