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May 16, 2023 Storm Updates

Updates from May 20, 2024

8:30PM Update

According to CenterPoint there are 10 homes still without power in Jersey Village. They are working to replace a transformer, which will restore power to these homes. 


2:30PM Update

Several more areas of the city have had electricity restored. The last of the city is expected to be restored by 5pm. There may be individual homes that are do not have electricity, if their services lines are damaged. 

The splashpad may take a day or so to open after power is restored, to ensure the water is safe for use. 

If your home was damaged in the storm please be sure to get a permit before you commence work. You can find all of our permitting information here. This includes fences, roofing, etc. 


Debris removal is being contracted out, as it is more than initially expected. That work will begin most likely on Wednesday (May 22). Residents are encouraged to get their tree debris to the curb as soon as possible.  Contractors will make a pass to clean it up.

Debris removal crews will be using large trucks with grapples on them. It is possible that grapple will not be able to clear the debris in front of your home due to proximity to trees, mailboxes, etc. If it appears that your home got skipped, please assured that crews will be by again with a different means of picking up your debris. There is no need to report this. City staff will verify all debris is picked up before the company leaves Jersey Village. 

If any property (ie. mailbox, sprinkler system, etc.) is damaged in that process please fill out this form as soon as possible so we can ensure it is fixed quickly.  



8:40 AM Update

From CenterPoint: There are only 3 outages in the Jersey Village area at this time.  Crews are enroute to 2 locations and the 3rd location will be taken care of when the big crew working on the 1037 customers complete that order.


8:20 AM Update

There are several areas still without power. We reached out to CenterPoint and were given this information:

JERSEY DR – circuit level outage initially, now down to 27 customers line fuse out – getting crew headed that way.

Lakeview Dr – same as above

Leeds Ln – same as above

Acapulco Dr – Same as 27 customers as above –Jersey Dr



Glamorgan Dr – circuit level outage initially, now a section of 212 customers

Colwyn – Same as 212 customers above

Ashburton – Same as 212 customers

Shanghai St – Same as  212 customers

Argentina - Same as 212 customers


Mauna Loa Lane – 1037 customers out - crew enroute



Updates from May 19, 2024

9:45 PM Update

Crews are still working to restore power. The contact at CenterPoint has assured the City Manager that CenterPoint knows who has and who does not have power. CenterPoint has informed us that whatever service is out will be back on tomorrow (Monday, May 20). 

City Hall will be open tomorrow as normal. All city activities for tomorrow are going on as scheduled. 

Tree debris removal will begin tomorrow. Please have all debris to the curb by tomorrow. Right now only one pass through the city is planned. If that changes we will update the community. 


7:30PM Update

CenterPoint has gotten many areas back online. The backbone of the circuit is online, and they are working on replacing fuses which will bring more residents power back on. They will be working until at least 10pm tonight. They are saying some portions of Jersey Village may not have power restored tonight. 

CenterPoint says they have located all faults in the system, and everything has a work order generated.

The Civic Center will be open from 7am to 8pm tomorrow (Monday, May 20) for those that need cooling stations or to charge electronics. 


5:30 PM Update

CenterPoint has been able to get a large portion of the city back on. There are several areas that need fuses replaced. Crews are working on that. It does sound like there are some homes, an exact number and location is not known by the city, that will not have power restored tonight. If we are able to find out more information we will pass that along. 


1:30PM Update

CFISD has notified the public that all schools are closed tomorrow.

CenterPoint crews are on site with tree trimming and new transformers in the area of 16300 Acapulco/Lakeview making the necessary repairs. 

Civic Center is open for residents for cooling and charging. Little Meadow and the Golf Course is also open.


10:30AM Update

CenterPoint Energy says Jersey Village should be fully energized today. There may be isolated issues impacting individual locations. 



8:30AM Update

CenterPoint has several crews enroute or already in the area. Still no better information that on restoration than what was posted in the 10pm Update yesterday. 

The Civic Center will be open from 10am - 8pm today. 

The Farmers Market is still happening as normal today. 

Cy-Fair ISD has said they will communicate school plans for tomorrow later today. 


Updates from May 18, 2024

10:00PM Update

CenterPoint has posted a map with expected restoration map. You can view that here. The City Manager also just spoke with a representative at CenterPoint that said most of Jersey Village should be back on tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. 

8:45PM Update

CenterPoint website states all power should be back on for those that are able to receive power by the end of the day Wednesday. Crews have restored power to several areas of the city, and are still working in the city. 

All other city operations are functioning normally. 

4:45pm Update
We just spoke to CenterPoint. They told us they have all of the damage assessments completed. They have crews going out now with work orders to make the repairs. They will also have estimated power restoration times this evening.
The Civic Center will be open until 8pm this evening. Tomorrow (Sunday, May 19) the Civic Center will be open starting at 10am and will be open until 8pm.
We also want to remind residents to prioritize food safety to prevent foodborne illnesses following the recent Houston area storm. Power outages can compromise the safety of refrigerated and frozen foods. It is essential to follow guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Key Food Safety Recommendations:
Keep Refrigerator and Freezer Doors Closed:
A refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if unopened.
A full freezer will maintain its temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if half full) if the door remains closed.
Monitor Temperatures:
Use a food thermometer to check the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator should be at or below 40°F, and the freezer should be at or below 0°F.
Discard any perishable food (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers) that has been above 40°F for 2 hours or more.
When in Doubt, Throw it Out:
If you are unsure whether a particular food item is safe, do not taste it. It is better to discard it to prevent the risk of foodborne illness.
Examine Each Item Separately:
Some foods may appear safe even if they are not. Use both time and temperature to decide which foods to keep and which to discard.
Additional Tips:
Have appliance thermometers in your refrigerator and freezer to ensure they are at the correct temperatures.
Consider keeping a supply of non-perishable foods that do not require refrigeration.

1:45PM Update

CenterPoint Crews are in Jersey Village working. There are several locations with trees on lines that they are working on. They are fixing those issues as quickly as possible. There is a need for some transformers to be replaced as well. Those likely will not happen today, which means some power outages will extend into the coming days. We do not have time frame for power. We are in regular communication with CenterPoint. 

The Civic Center will be open until 8pm this evening. It will be open tomorrow (Sunday, May 19) as well. Please check back later for hours of operation tomorrow. 

10:05 AM Update

The state is requesting damage to homes or commercial buildings be reported to them. Residents can complete the survey here.


8:35 AM Update

CenterPoint has confirmed there will be crews in Jersey Village today. There is no estimated time frame for power to be restored yet though.

6:30 AM Update

There is still no ETA on the restoration of power. We have reached out to CenterPoint this morning to get an update. As the becomes available we will pass along the information. 

The Civic Center will be opening at 8am this morning for residents to charge devices and to cool down.

Please continue to check on your neighbors. 

Yesterday the President issued a disaster declaration, which includes Harris County for this event. Residents may be eligible for some assistance through FEMA. Please visit for more information and eligibility requirements. 


Updates from May 17, 2024

5:20PM Update

CenterPoint has informed us that residents without power currently should not expect power back this evening. Crews are still actively working to restore power. 


4:00 PM

Parts of the city have power since about 2:30pm. There are trees in powerlines on Acapulco. Other localized power issues main remain as well. CenterPoint does have crews in the area clearing trees and getting electricity restored.


Public works will continue to pick up branches this afternoon. They will not be picking up over the weekend to allow residents time to get things to the curb. Please do not place wood or materials such as fencing, house hold waste, etc. with the tree debris. Crews will pick up all next week.


11:30 AM

Residents can place branches, limbs, etc. at the curb. The city will pick them up over the coming days. If possible please trim branches to 6 feet or less.


9:11 AM

GFL, the contracted company for trash removal, is in the city servicing the residents. They are experiencing some delays because debris. Please be patient as the work to pick up the trash. 

The water and wastewater treatment plants are operating at normal. There is currently no concerns about water and sewer.


City Hall will be closed today, May 17 due to no power at City Hall. 

City staff continue clearing streets of debris. 

We are in touch with CenterPoint. As of 7:40am we do not have an estimated time for power to be restored. CenterPoint Energy has warned customers to “be prepared for extended weather-related power outages.”

All other city services are functioning normally.