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Navigating Jersey Village Streets with Golf Carts: Know the Rules

As of June 15, 2020, the City of Jersey Village allows the operation of golf carts on city streets under specific regulations to ensure safety and compliance with state laws. If you own or are considering using a golf cart within city limits, it's crucial to understand and adhere to these guidelines to maintain safe and legal use.


Essential Equipment for Golf Carts


To operate legally on city streets, each golf cart must be equipped with:

- Headlights

- Tail lamps

- Reflectors

- Parking brakes

- Rearview mirrors

- A slow-moving vehicle emblem, in accordance with Texas Transportation Code §547.703.


Licensing and Operation


Every driver must carry a valid Texas driver's license and abide by all applicable traffic regulations. Notably, golf carts are restricted to speeds under 25 mph and are not allowed on sidewalks, hike and bike trails, or any road with a speed limit over 35 mph, except at designated crossing points.


Restrictions and Road Safety


Golf carts must not:

- Be driven on roads with a posted speed limit over 35 mph, except for direct crossings.

- Travel between lanes of traffic or on medians.

- Carry more passengers than the seating capacity designed by the manufacturer.

- Allow passengers to sit anywhere other than designated seats.


Children under five years old are prohibited from being transported in golf carts unless during active school zone hours when lights are flashing.


Licensing Your Golf Cart


Following a September 2022 amendment, all golf carts must display a state-issued license plate. This plate can be obtained by submitting the required Form 130-U, a photocopy of your golf cart's title, and a fee to the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector.


For a comprehensive understanding of all the rules and to ensure you are fully compliant, please visit our website. There, you'll find detailed regulations and additional resources to help you safely enjoy the convenience of golf cart transportation in Jersey Village.