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Jersey Village HR Manager Laura Capps Wins Prestigious Lone Ranger Award

The City of Jersey Village is proud to announce that Laura Capps, our HR Manager, has been honored with the Lone Ranger Award from the Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA). This award is presented to HR professionals who are part of a small team but make a substantial impact within their organizations, driving crucial HR initiatives despite limited resources.


Laura's visionary leadership and innovative approach to modernizing the HR Department have earned her this well-deserved recognition. Previously facing challenges with outdated, paper-based systems, Laura spearheaded the transformation towards a digital-first strategy. Her efforts have culminated in the complete digitization of HR files, eliminating excessive paper use and enhancing operational efficiency. By integrating advanced automation for records retention, Laura has streamlined the management of personnel files in compliance with regulatory standards.


Her contributions extend beyond digitization. Laura implemented a new online application system that has revamped the city's recruitment process. This system not only speeds up the application time but also improves the overall applicant experience, broadening the city's capability to attract a diverse pool of talent. Additionally, Laura has overhauled the onboarding process by introducing digital solutions such as DocuSign, allowing new hires to complete and return documents electronically. This shift not only smooths the onboarding experience but also ensures secure and efficient file management.


Laura has also been instrumental in bringing about an Employee Engagement Committee. She works with employees from every department to plan events and activities for all city employees. These efforts have increased employee retention and lowered turnover to a level well below national and state average.


These enhancements have significantly improved administrative loads, empowering the HR team to allocate more time towards strategic goals and workforce development. Laura Capps' dedication and innovation exemplify the spirit of the Lone Ranger Award, and her work continues to have a profound impact on the City of Jersey Village's operations and service delivery.