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Jersey Village Begins Planning And Design For Clark Henry Park Multi-Use Fields Project

The City of Jersey Village is excited to announce the advancement of the Clark Henry Park Multi-Use Fields project, following the City Council’s approval of an agreement with Burditt during the April 2024 meeting. This project is a significant development outlined in the Park Master Plan and aims to enhance the park’s facilities to accommodate a variety of community activities.


Project Overview and Design

The project will focus on creating versatile playing fields that can cater to different sports and events, ensuring that the community benefits from a well-rounded recreational area. The plan includes the construction of a Multi-Use Diamond Field equipped with modern lighting, a backstop, and an irrigation system. Additionally, a T-Ball Field and spectator seating with optional shade structures will be developed to enhance the user experience.


Enhancements and Safety Features

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all park visitors, the project will also explore fencing options along the existing trail and incorporate necessary landscaping and hardscape improvements in impacted areas. These enhancements aim to provide a safe, attractive, and functional environment that complements the natural beauty of Clark Henry Park.


Budget and Funding

The conceptual design, construction documents, and bidding and construction phase services are contracted at a total cost of $114,500, which includes essential surveying and geotechnical work. The project is supported by $255,000 allocated from this fiscal year’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget, with an additional $500,000 transferred from the General Fund to the CIP at the end of the last fiscal year. The estimated total construction cost is projected to be between $1,000,000 and $1,200,000. In pursuit of additional funding, the City Manager has submitted a request for Congressional Community Project Funding to support this valuable initiative.


Planning and Community Impact

As we move forward, initial planning sessions with Burditt are underway to finalize the design and provide an updated cost estimate before the next fiscal year’s budget is finalized.  The Parks and Recreation Committee will be reviewing the plans and providing their input as well. The construction schedule will be carefully planned to minimize disruption to the park’s ongoing services and events, ensuring that the park remains a vibrant hub for the community throughout the development process.


This project represents a commitment to enhancing recreational facilities and promoting an active lifestyle in Jersey Village. We look forward to seeing these new facilities come to life and invite the community to stay engaged and informed as we progress with this exciting development.

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