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City Council Accepts Utility Fund Capital Improvement Report

In a significant stride toward ensuring the continued delivery of essential services to our community, the Jersey Village City Council accepted the Utility Fund Capital Improvement Report at the March City Council Meeting. This comprehensive report, meticulously prepared by Quiddity Engineering, casts a spotlight on our crucial infrastructure, including the Castlebridge Wastewater Treatment Plant, three water plants, and six lift stations.


The depth of analysis provided by Quiddity Engineering offers a clear roadmap of the areas that require focused attention over the next decade. This forward-looking plan is not just about maintenance; it's about proactive improvement and expansion to meet the growing needs of our community. Ensuring the provision of safe and clean drinking water, alongside efficient wastewater treatment services, is paramount to sustaining our quality of life in Jersey Village.


Key Findings and Future Directions

The report identifies specific areas within our water and wastewater infrastructure that will require upgrades, repairs, or expansions to keep pace with usage demands and regulatory requirements. The findings are a testament to the city's dedication to not only maintaining but enhancing the reliability and safety of these vital services.


As part of the city's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the next ten years, the strategies outlined in the report will be methodically implemented. This commitment reflects a strategic approach to utility management, ensuring that Jersey Village remains at the forefront of public health and environmental standards.


Transparency and Community Involvement

Understanding the importance of community involvement and transparency, the Utility Fund Capital Improvement Report is accessible to all residents. This transparency is a hallmark of our city's governance, emphasizing the role of residents in our collective journey towards sustainable infrastructure development.


Residents are encouraged to review the report, available in PDF format on our website. This document not only details the technical aspects of the proposed improvements but also underscores the city's long-term commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of our community through robust utility services.


Looking Ahead

The acceptance of the Utility Fund Capital Improvement Report marks the beginning of a critical phase in our city's development. Over the next ten years, as we embark on implementing the recommendations within this report, we look forward to fostering a transparent dialogue with our residents. Your feedback, questions, and engagement are invaluable as we work together to achieve these essential improvements.


We invite all community members to stay informed, involved, and engaged as we progress with these vital projects. Together, we will continue to build a stronger, healthier, and more resilient Jersey Village.