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Building Bridges from Past to Future: The New Chapter of Carol Fox Park

Over the past three decades, Carol Fox Park has been a testament to the power of community engagement and dedication. In the early days, a group of committed individuals embarked on a journey to transform the park, embedding their efforts and spirits into its very foundation through hand imprints and personal messages in the concrete walkways. These elements have since stood as a bridge, linking past and present generations who share this park. The original renovation planning process began in 1990 and the award-winning playground was constructed by 400 volunteers in November of 1992 on national volunteer day drawing region wide attention.


As we stand on the cusp of enhancing the park with a new themed playground, our priority is to honor this rich history while paving the way for future memories and connections. We extend an invitation to the original renovators to bring their perspectives to the forefront of our design discussions. Your history and connection to Carol Fox Park are important as we aim to enrich its legacy.


In recognition of the original contributions, we propose an initiative to integrate the essence of the past into the new playground. For those with handprints in the sidewalk, we offer the opportunity to inscribe a message or select a symbol for the new structure—whether a reflection of your original message or an entirely new sentiment. This gesture is a commitment to preserving the park's historical significance and ensuring its legacy endures for future generations.


Additionally, we are inviting new residents of Jersey Village to leave your own mark on the new playground. This initiative serves not only as a bridge between the past and the future but also as a welcoming embrace to those who have recently joined our community. Your participation in contributing a handprint, message, or symbol to the playground will symbolize your inclusion in the ongoing story of Carol Fox Park. It's a unique chance to mark your mark in the fabric of our community, ensuring that the legacy of the park reflects not just its history for your future generations as well. We are eager to weave your experiences and hopes into the collective memory of our park, marking the beginning of new traditions and memories for years to come.


Our vision for Carol Fox Park is to cultivate an environment that continues to welcome and unite all members of our community. We invite every resident to participate in this exciting new chapter, contributing your ideas, memories, and enthusiasm. Together, we can create a space that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and mutual respect, making the park a JV landmark for another 30 years and beyond.

We will be organizing a kickoff community meeting March 27th from 6pm-7pm at the Civic Center to kick off the design discussions and formulate a plan for the new play structure. All residents are welcome to attend to provide ideas and feedback. Bring your family and have your play experts tell us what they want, children of all ages and abilities. If you're unable to make the meeting please email us with your thoughts.


Let's come together to celebrate the history, embrace the present, and create a future that reflects the unity and strength of our community. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to making Carol Fox Park a special place for all.