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Stay Ahead of the Flood: Understanding Your Risk and Protection Options

The City of Jersey Village wants to empower our residents with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate flood risks effectively. We understand the importance of having access to accurate information regarding flood insurance, flood zones, and property protection measures. That's why our Community Development Department is your go-to source for comprehensive support and guidance in these critical areas.


Expert Assistance in Flood Management

Our team is ready to assist you with a wide range of flood-related inquiries, including but not limited to:

  • Flood Insurance Guidance: Navigate the ins and outs of securing the right flood insurance for your property.
  • Flood Zone Interpretation: Understand the specifics of your property's flood zone, including base flood elevation and flood depth.
  • FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) Details: Gain insights into additional FIRM information and address problems not indicated on the map.
  • Special Flood Hazards: Learn about unique flood-related hazards that may affect your area.
  • Historical Flood Data: Access historical data to better understand flood risks in Jersey Village.
  • Natural Floodplain Functions: Discover the benefits and functions of natural floodplains in flood mitigation.
  • Property Protection Measures: Explore effective measures to protect your property from flood damage.


Personalized Support

For personalized advice and support, please don't hesitate to contact the Community Development Office at (713) 464-2110. We also offer site visits to review flooding, drainage, and storm sewer issues on your property and provide professional advice on retrofitting techniques for enhanced protection.


Access Information Anytime, Anywhere

For those who prefer digital access, a wealth of information is available on our website at Here, you can explore various resources at your convenience.


Exploring Flood Insurance Options

Understanding your flood insurance options is crucial. For more detailed information, you're welcome to visit our Community Development Office at City Hall, call us at 713-466-2110, or consult with your homeowner's or renter's insurance agent. Additionally, the FloodSmart website is an excellent resource for all things related to flood insurance.


In Jersey Village, we're committed to ensuring our residents are well-informed and prepared for flood-related challenges. By working together, we can build a more resilient community.