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Navigating Your Utility Bill Just Got Easier in Jersey Village

In our ongoing effort to enhance transparency and ease of understanding for our residents, the City of Jersey Village is excited to announce significant updates to the layout and information provided on your utility bills. Understanding your bill is crucial to managing your household's water and irrigation usage effectively. With these latest updates, we've made it easier than ever to interpret your bill at a glance.

Introducing Meter ID Visibility

One of the standout features of the updated utility bill is the inclusion of the Meter ID. This addition aims to bridge the gap between the physical water meter at your property and the digital information on your bill. The Meter ID corresponds to the number visible on the encoder of your water meter. By matching the Meter ID on your bill with the encoder number, residents can verify their water usage and ensure their bill reflects accurate consumption.

Distinguishing Between Irrigation and Residential Meters

Another key enhancement is the clear distinction between irrigation and residential meter lines on your utility bill. This update is particularly beneficial for residents with separate irrigation systems. The bill now explicitly labels which line pertains to your irrigation meter and which is linked to your residential meter. This clarity simplifies understanding how water usage is divided between household and landscaping needs, allowing for better water management and potentially identifying areas for conservation.

See the Changes on Your Latest Bill

These updates have been implemented on the utility bills that went out this week. We encourage all Jersey Village residents to take a moment to review their bills and familiarize themselves with these new features. Not only will you find it easier to understand your water usage and charges, but you'll also have the tools at your fingertips to make informed decisions about water consumption and conservation in your home.

Your Feedback is Welcome

The City of Jersey Village is committed to continuous improvement and responsive governance. These updates to the utility bills reflect our dedication to providing residents with clear, accessible information. We welcome your feedback on these changes and any other suggestions you have for further enhancing city services. You can send your feedback to us at or by calling us at 713-466-2111.

Stay Informed and Empowered

We believe that informed residents are empowered residents. By providing you with detailed, easy-to-understand utility bills, we hope to foster a community that is engaged in sustainable water use practices. For more information on reading your utility bill, conserving water, or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact the City of Jersey Village.