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Streamlining the Process: Jersey Village Updates Irrigation Meter Installation Policy
In an effort to continuously improve city services and respond to the needs of our residents, the City of Jersey Village has announced an important update to the irrigation meter installation policy. This change, which was adopted by the City Council, comes as a direct response to feedback from the community, particularly from homeowners facing challenges with the current installation process.

Addressing Community Needs
The Public Works Department has noted numerous requests for modifications to the irrigation meter installation process, especially from residents whose water mains are located on the opposite side of the street from their property. The existing policy required a separate tap for such installations, often necessitating costly and complex boring operations.

Simplifying Installation
To alleviate these challenges, the City has streamlined the process, allowing residents to request permission to tap into an existing service line when the water main is on the opposite side of the street. This policy adjustment aims to reduce unnecessary expenses and simplify the installation of irrigation meters, making it more accessible for homeowners to manage their property's irrigation needs efficiently.

Ensuring Integrity and Sustainability
The city's utility department will play a crucial role in this new process, evaluating each request to ensure that the existing service line can accommodate an additional connection without compromising water service to existing properties or the overall integrity of Jersey Village's water supply system. This evaluation will consider factors like the size of the service line, water pressure, and the potential impact on neighboring properties.

Permission to Proceed
Homeowners whose requests meet the city's criteria for capacity and safety will be granted permission to proceed with the tap. This policy not only facilitates a more efficient process for residents but also reflects the City's dedication to maintaining a balance between individual property needs and the collective sustainability of our water infrastructure.

A Commitment to Service and Efficiency
This update to the irrigation meter installation policy underscores Jersey Village's commitment to responsive governance and utility management. By considering public input and streamlining processes, the City continues to prioritize both the efficiency of its services and the satisfaction of its residents.

Residents interested in taking advantage of this new policy can begin the process by submitting a request through the permits process. The City of Jersey Village is excited to offer this improved service to our community, reinforcing our commitment to efficient water management and customer-friendly policies.

For more information on this policy change or to submit a request, please visit our website or contact the Public Works Department. Together, we are making Jersey Village a better place to live, one service improvement at a time.