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Jersey Village Takes Action on Substandard Property for Community Safety

In a move to ensure community safety the Jersey Village City Council passed Ordinance 2024-01 during the January 2024 meeting targeting a property deemed substandard, located at 15830 Northwest Freeway, at the intersection of Senate Ave and US 290, outlining specific actions for its improvement and compliance.


Mandated Actions for Property Improvement

Under the ordinance, the property owner is required to undertake a series of actions to rectify the substandard conditions. The immediate steps included vacating the property by February 1, 2024, and securing it with chain-link fencing as approved by the building official. Furthermore, the ordinance mandates that the building must remain vacant and securely fenced until a new certificate of occupancy is issued. The interior of the structure must also be secured and either repaired or demolished by the owner within thirty days of the ordinance's date, which falls on February 21, 2024. 


Permitting and Planning Requirements

Before any work begins, the owner must obtain the necessary permits in accordance with city codes. A comprehensive construction or demolition plan must be submitted to the building official within forty-five days, by March 7, 2024. Once a permit is granted, work on the property must commence within ten days.


Monitoring Progress and Compliance

To ensure compliance and monitor progress, the property owner is required to submit detailed reports to the City Council. The first report, due by February 6, 2024, was presented at the February Council meeting, showing that the owner had met all initial requirements. The owner is required to make a follow-up presentation on March 18, 2024, detailing further progress towards full compliance with the ordinance.


The City Council and city staff will continue to monitor the work going on here to ensure compliance with the ordinance.