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Citywide Water Valve Testing Underway

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining a reliable and safe water supply, the City of Jersey Village is initiating a comprehensive water valve assessment project. This crucial infrastructure maintenance and testing effort is being carried out in partnership with Data Hydrant, a firm specializing in municipal water services. Starting Monday, February 5, 2024, the project will involve the systematic exercising of water valves across the city and is expected to span the next several weeks.

What to Expect During Water Valve Testing The primary goal of this project is to ensure that all components of our water system are functioning optimally. During the testing period, residents may notice a few temporary changes in their water service, including:

  • Temporary Discoloration: It's possible that water may appear discolored due to the disturbance of sediments. This is a common occurrence during valve testing and is typically resolved by letting your faucets run for a few minutes until the water clears.

  • Presence of Air: Air may become trapped in the water lines as a result of the valve exercising process. If you notice air bubbles in your water, this is likely the cause. Similar to the discoloration, this issue should resolve quickly on its own.

  • Fluctuations in Water Pressure or Flow: While the team at Data Hydrant will make every effort to minimize disruptions, there may be brief moments where water pressure or flow fluctuates. However, these changes should be barely noticeable and will not affect the quality or safety of your water supply.

We understand the importance of a dependable water supply and assure residents that any changes in water quality or service during this period are temporary and not harmful. This testing is a proactive measure to prevent future water service issues and to ensure the integrity of our city’s water infrastructure.

We appreciate the community's understanding and cooperation as we undertake these essential maintenance activities. Ensuring the continued reliability and safety of our water supply is a priority for the City of Jersey Village, and projects like this are vital in achieving that goal.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the water valve testing process or if you experience any persistent issues, please do not hesitate to contact the City’s Public Works Department at (713) 466-2133 or via email. Together, we can ensure that Jersey Village remains a great place to live, with high-quality public services that meet the needs of all residents.