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City of Jersey Village Launches Promotional Video to Boost Economic Development and Marketing

The City of Jersey Village proudly announces the release of a new promotional video, a strategic initiative to enhance the city’s economic development and marketing efforts. This video highlights the unique advantages Jersey Village offers to businesses and residents alike.


A Prime Location

The video emphasizes Jersey Village's strategic location, offering proximity to the City of Houston and the Houston Intercontinental Airport. "Our location is not just a point on a map. It's a gateway to vast opportunities for businesses, providing both local and international connectivity," stated Mayor Bobby Warren. "This video showcases how our city serves as an ideal hub for commerce and community."


Work-Life Balance

Another focal point of the video is the exceptional work-life balance that Jersey Village offers. "In Jersey Village, we understand that the quality of life is crucial for the productivity and happiness of the workforce," said City Manager Austin Bleess. "This video illustrates our commitment to creating an environment where businesses and their employees can thrive both professionally and personally."


Fostering a Business-Friendly Environment

The video also highlights the city’s efforts in cultivating a favorable business climate. Community Development Manager Miesha Johnson remarked, "We're dedicated to fostering a business environment that is supportive and dynamic. Our goal is to create a landscape where enterprises of all sizes can flourish, and this video is a testament to that commitment."


Engaging Potential Investors and Residents

The promotional video is part of a broader strategy, that was included as a Comprehensive Plan Goal, to attract new businesses and residents to Jersey Village. It serves as an engaging tool to showcase the city's strengths and potential as a premier destination for economic growth and quality living.


The video is available on the city’s website and social media channels.


For more information about economic development opportunities in Jersey Village, please reach out to Miesha Johnson, Community Development Manager at 713-466-2141 or via email at