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Jersey Village Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Recommends Approval of 2023 Update Report
On November 29, 2023, the Jersey Village Capital Improvements Advisory Committee convened to review and discuss the 2023 Update Study on land use assumptions, capital improvements, and impact fees. This critical review, undertaken with the assistance of consultants from Quiddity Engineering, LLC, marks a pivotal step in the city’s ongoing efforts to ensure sustainable growth and infrastructure development.

Scope of the Meeting
The primary focus of the meeting was to examine the comprehensive Water and Wastewater Impact Fee Study conducted by Quiddity Engineering, LLC. This study is essential for planning the city’s future water and wastewater infrastructure needs and for establishing fair and effective impact fees.

Key Elements Reviewed
The committee reviewed several aspects of the study, including:

- Land Use Assumptions: Assessing historical data and future projections to inform infrastructure planning.
- Growth Projections: Evaluating population trends and their implications for service demand.
- Water and Wastewater Systems: Analyzing the existing systems, demand projections, capacity analyses, and proposed improvements.
- Impact Fee Analysis: Understanding how new developments will contribute to infrastructure funding through impact fees.

Recommendations and Approvals
After consideration of all the presented data and analyses, the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee has recommended that the City Council approve the Draft Capital Improvements Plan & Impact Fee Study 2023 Update Report. This report outlines a strategic approach for managing Jersey Village’s water and wastewater infrastructure over the coming years.

Impact on Jersey Village
The approval of this update is crucial for the sustainable growth of our city. It ensures that the necessary infrastructure is in place to meet the demands of community as it grows, and it provides a transparent and fair mechanism for funding these critical projects through impact fees.

The full draft report can be found here. For those interested in comparing that to the 2020 version of the report that can be found on our Plans and Studies page. The City Council will hold a public hearing on this report before it is adopted. Citizens are encouraged to attend the December 18, 2023 City Council meeting which will be held at 7pm in the Civic Center. Citizens can also reach out to their City Councilors on this, or any topic, by utilizing the contact information here