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Jersey Village Advances Flood Mitigation Efforts with New FEMA Grant Application for Home Elevations
In a proactive move to enhance the city's resilience against flooding, the Jersey Village City Council, during their meeting on November 27, 2023, has authorized the submission of a new grant application to FEMA's Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program, focusing on home elevations.

Identifying Homes for Elevation
Since 2017, approximately 165 homes in Jersey Village have been identified as potential candidates for elevation based on their history of flooding and susceptibility to future flood events. These homes were selected through data from FEMA and insights from the Long-Term Flood Recovery Plan. As of now, around 92 homes remain as viable candidates for elevation, however there are not that many homeowners showing interest in this initiative. It is important to note that the program is voluntary, and the city does not require anyone to participate in the home elevation program. 

The Proposed Grant Application
The grant application is to elevate two homes particularly at risk. One home is designated as a Severe Repetitive Loss property, having experienced four or more losses, or at least two losses amounting to more than 50% of the home's value at the time of each loss. The other home is simply classified as insured. FEMA's funding covers 100% of the costs for a Severe Repetitive Loss home and 75% for an insured home.

Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA)
A preliminary BCA has been conducted for these homes. This analysis is crucial to measure the financial benefits of elevating homes against the associated costs. With FEMA allowing a 3% Discount Rate for projects countering future climate change impacts, such as heavy rainfall events, our project's BCA score is anticipated to be more favorable.

Project Timelines
Experience has shown that the entire process, from application to project completion, can span approximately 21 to 33 months. This includes stages like application submission, FEMA review, contractor selection by homeowners, and the actual elevation of the homes.

Privacy and Discretion
In compliance with FEMA's privacy requirements, the specific addresses of homes included in the grant application are not disclosed publicly. However, all homeowners involved are informed and have consented to their inclusion in this grant application.

Financial Aspects
The total cost for this grant application is projected at $526,331, with a federal cost share of $449,118 and a local cost share of $77,213. The costs encompass construction, relocation, and administrative expenses.

Looking Forward
This grant application marks another step in Jersey Village's ongoing efforts to mitigate flood risks effectively. By elevating homes that are most susceptible to flooding, we aim not only to protect properties but also to enhance the safety and peace of mind of our residents.