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Jersey Village Steps Forward with FEMA Grant Application for Enhanced Flood Mitigation

In another move to bolster our city’s resilience against flooding, the Jersey Village City Council, during their meeting on November 27, 2023, authorized the submission of a grant application to FEMA for Project Scoping under the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program. This initiative aligns with our long-term commitment to safeguarding our community against flood risks.


Background and Progress

It is important to take a look back at the strides we have made on flood mitigation since 2017 when the Long-Term Flood Mitigation Plan was completed. This plan identified four key areas for flood mitigation: constructing a berm around the golf course, improving drainage in the Wall Street Neighborhood, executing E100 bayou work, and implementing home elevations or buyouts. With the completion of the Berm and Wall Street Projects, and the E100 Bayou Work by HCFCD scheduled for completion in Spring 2024, we have made notable progress. However, the journey towards comprehensive flood resilience continues.


The Need for Further Study

With the current phase of home elevations nearing its end, it's the opportune moment to explore additional flood mitigation strategies. The proposed Project Scoping Grant from FEMA, part of their FY23 Funding allocation of $60 million, is a timely opportunity for Jersey Village to assess further improvements in our flood defense mechanisms.


Vision for the Project

The envisioned project encompasses four main components:


1. Field Surveying: This involves creating elevation certificates for approximately 1,500 single-family residential buildings within current and proposed flood plains, alongside surveying street and road infrastructure critical to flood control.


2. Engineering Evaluation: A thorough evaluation by an engineering firm will determine base flood elevations across the city, analyzing these against surveyed residential structures and examining potential enhancements in street drainage for flood mitigation.


3. Engineering Mapping: Producing detailed maps to visually present flood zones, residential addresses, elevation data, and base flood elevations.


4. Project Identification and Final Report: Utilizing the data gathered, the City and the engineering team will identify potential projects for future grant applications aimed at mitigating flooding.


Anticipated Outcomes and Funding

Building on the success of the Long-Term Flood Recovery Plan, which facilitated over $24.6 million in grant funding for the city’s flood mitigation efforts, this new project aims to continue this legacy. The total project cost is estimated at approximately $1 million, with a city cost share of $250,000, under the total grant amount cap of $900,000.


Timeline and Next Steps

The grant application is due in January 2024, with FEMA's award announcements expected in the summer of 2024. This proactive step demonstrates Jersey Village's continued commitment to safeguarding our community through strategic planning and effective use of available resources. It also shows our commitment to the continued goals that are represented in our Comprehensive Plan. We invite residents to stay engaged and informed as we navigate this important initiative towards a safer, flood-resilient future.