Frequently Asked Questions – Street Project
Will residents be notified in advance of when the streets will be closed for renovation?  Yes.  Information on street closures may be relayed periodically to residents from either postings through the city’s website or by distribution of flyers.

Will residents have access to their driveways at all times during construction?  No.  One side of the street will be renovated at a time therefore leaving just one lane of traffic open.  The contractor will place down temporary driveway material and residents will have access to their driveways until such time new concrete is poured.  Once the new concrete is poured residents will unfortunately have to park their vehicles elsewhere until the concrete has cured.  The cure time could take up to 3 days before vehicles are allowed back on the concrete.

Can residents chose to pay and replace the remaining section of their driveways past the City’s Right -of-Way at the same time the road renovations are occurring?  Yes.  You will need to obtain and fill out the work agreement form with the contractor.  This work agreement will be a separate and independent contract between you and the contractor and will not be related to the City’s project in any way.  Each resident not the contractor will be responsible for pulling a driveway permit from the permit department prior to construction commencing.

Will my water services be interrupted?  Possibly.  If there is a chance where a specific address will be without water for any period of time, the contractor will notify residents 24-48 hours in advance of shutting off the water in order to make the repair.  Under normal circumstances, the water should be off for no longer than 1-3 hours.

My yard has an irrigation system in it and I have sprinkler heads along the back side of the curb – will they be affected?  Possibly.  For those residents who have irrigation spray heads in the City's ROW, typically what will happen is the heads located within the ROW will be capped off then repaired at a later point and time.  If irrigation heads are broken during construction, the contractor will contract out with a licensed irrigator to repair the broken head's) at no cost to the resident.

What will happen to my mail box and mail services?  Concerning single post mailboxes, there may be a need to move these away from the construction area but mail service will not be interrupted thru ought the entire construction process.  For those residents who have their mailboxes inside decorative brick/stone , the contractor will make every effort to carefully remove them from the construction area.  In the event these types of mailboxes are damaged in the process, the contractor will hire a masonry person to restore them as close as possible to their original condition.

Will sidewalks be replaced?  Yes.  Sidewalks will be replaced in those areas adjacent to the street which currently show an existing foot print.

Will sidewalks be placed on vacant lots?  No.

I have a nice tree which provides shade to my yard between the existing sidewalk and the curb.  Will the tree be kept alive during the construction process?  The strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb is considered to be within the City’s Right-Of-Way, of which, is not considered personal property but City property.  If trees currently in this area die due to construction efforts they will not be replaced.

Will the project affect services currently provided by the police, fire, &  EMS departments ?  No.  At all times access for emergency related vehicles will be maintained so construction will not affect those services. EMS Services FAQs

How will traffic be controlled on the streets which have one lane of traffic?  During construction hours a designated flagman will direct traffic on site when one lane traffic is required.  After construction hours, when a designated flagman is not on site, drivers will have to carefully share the one lane that is available.  At night there will be barrels with blinking lights placed on the street being renovated warning drivers designating the one lane that is open for traffic.  Detour signs indicating alternate routes will be posted adjacent to streets) under construction.

Will my trash services be interrupted ?  No.