Citizens' Fire Academy

The Jersey Village Citizens' Fire Academy is open to anyone over the age of 18. This program is designed to give the citizens of Jersey Village an opportunity to learn about their emergency services provider and gain valuable safety and health education. Participants will be put through training similar to that of a beginning firefighter, as well as skills needed for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). There will be no cost for this course and all materials necessary will be provided to the student.

The Citizens' Fire Academy is a three month program with a weekly meeting time and two Saturday training sessions. Below is a brief timetable of the training sessions:

  • Introduction, Paperwork, Fire Service History, Fire Dept. Organization and Station Tour
  • Adult CPR Course
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Communications, Incident Command, Dispatch Center and Police Dept. Tour
  • Protective Clothing and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Fire Science and Fire Extinguisher Use
  • Fire Prevention, Home Inspection and Disaster Preparedness
  • Rescue Equipment, Simple Shoring and Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Saturday Car Extrication Practical
  • Ladders, Forced Entry, Utilities Control and Search Techniques
  • Ventilation and Salvage Operations
  • Hose Evolutions and Pump Operations
  • Saturday Live Burn Exercises
  • Graduation
Participation in any section of the class is voluntary; no one will be asked to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Two Saturday training sessions will be scheduled: one for vehicle rescue with the jaws of life and the second is a live burn exercise at a local fire training field. All classes will be taught by members of Jersey Village Emergency Services.

To obtain an application or for more information,
contact Captain Rob Missall at 713-466-2130.