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New Village Center Will Be Centerpiece for City of Jersey Village


The City of Jersey Village today announced the commencement of a Chapter 380 agreement with Collaborate Special Projects, LLC to create “Village Center”, a dynamic, mixed-use development in Jersey Village. Centered on the community, Village Center will be a bustling, state-of-the-art hub of communal space including vibrant restaurants, retail shops, residential housing, a modern hotel, flexible learning and work spaces, and an iconic amphitheater and municipal town square – all set in a sustainable eco-community that’s as inspirational as the people of Jersey Village and all of Northwest Harris county.

Together with City leaders and community stakeholders, the Mayor of Jersey Village spent over a year promoting the community vision for the Center to developers who could bring the dream to reality.  This included creating a conceptual plan for the area south of U.S. 290. “Our City is an amazing jewel in the heart of one

Village Center will be located in a currently undeveloped area along Jones Road south of Highway 290, enabling easy access for the residents of Jersey Village as well as people in surrounding communities. In addition to a myriad of lifestyle, business and learning opportunities offered to residents of the community, Village Center will generate new property tax revenue, sales tax revenue, and create jobs for the City of Jersey Village.


There are a lot of questions about Village Center. Below you will find some renderings for illustration purposes, along with the promo video to announce Village Center. 


Village Center Site Map for illustration purposes Village Center Rendering for illustration purposes


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Village Center:

Q: Who is the developer that Jersey Village is partnering with? 
A: The City is partnering with Collaborate Special Project to bring this vision to reality. Collaborate is a Houston-based developer that the city has been working with for about a year. 

Q: What all will be located in Village Center?
A: Village Center will be a bustling, state-of-the-art hub of communal space including vibrant restaurants, retail shops, upscale multifamily housing, a modern hotel, flexible learning and work spaces, and an iconic amphitheater, City Hall and municipal town square. Specific tenants, hotel flag, and more will be announced in the coming weeks and months. 

Q. Will there be other groups involved? 
A: Collaborate will be the lead on the project, but they will have other partners. Greatland Co. will handle leasing and property management. Page is leading design. Both are Houston based. For urban planning and landscape architecture Collaborate is partnering with SWA Group based in California.  Equinox Hospitality will be responsible for the hospitality and multifamily components. 

Q: How big will Village Center be? 
A: The initial development will be approximately 43 acres of land. The development will likely grow over the years. Currently in the Village Center TIRZ there are 274 acres, which could be developed in future years in this mixed-use, high-density project. 

Q: What is the city contributing to the project? 
A: The city will build a City Hall in Village Center at an estimated cost of $8 million. The city will pay for this using cash.

Q: What about Tax Incentives? 
A: As of June 24, 2019 the city has committed to rebate $29,250,000 to the developer over 30 years. These rebates will come from sales taxes and Hotel Occupancy Taxes. The city will also rebate development fees, such as permit and inspection fees.With this increased amount of rebates over what was approved in March 2019, the city will no longer be issuing debt for public improvements. To be clear this money is paid from the new sales tax and Hotel Occupancy Tax the city receives from this development. 

Q: What if the project doesn’t go forward? Would the city still be spending this money and building city hall there?
A: As these are rebates if the project does not go forward the city would not be rebating anything. If the project does not move forward the city will not move City Hall there. 

Q: Who will own the land where this development will be built? 
A: Currently the city owns approximately 23 acres of land which was purchased by the City in 2018 at a price of $5,250,000. The city will sell that land to Collaborate for the same amount. The City will assign its option agreement to purchase approximately 11 acres of land to Collaborate. Collaborate will take ownership of all of the property by the end of 2019. 
Collaborate will give to the city, free of charge, land for the city hall and public improvements. 

Q: What is the developer putting into the project? 
A: The developer is putting approximately $139,000,000 into this project.

Q: Where does the increased property tax generated in this development go? 
A: Increased property tax revenue from this project will go into the TIRZ Fund. The TIRZ Fund will be used to pay off any debt issued for this project and any other eligible costs as identified in the TIRZ Plan. 

Q: What about water and sewer infrastructure? 
A: Water and Sewer infrastructure already exist along Jones Road. There will be the need for some infrastructure to get it from the road to the new buildings. Any future development in the 274 acre Village Center TIRZ may require additional water and sewer infrastructure, as noted in the TIRZ Plan. However, that is not necessary for this initial development. 

Q: What will happen to the land where City Hall currently sits? 
A: There have been no formal discussions on this topic. However, green space is something valued by the citizens and city council, and it is very likely the area would be considered for green space. 

Q: Will the police and fire station be moved to Village Center? 
A: No. 

Q: I heard the police and fire stations are moving to Village Center. Is that true?
A: No. The police and fire stations are staying right where they are.

Q: Will this increase flooding in the rest of Jersey Village? 
A: No. The development cannot be built in a manner that would increase flooding. Collaborate is very keen on creating this eco-friendly development to ensure it does not cause flooding elsewhere.

Q: Is there a website for Village Center? 
A: There is! It is

Q: Are there renderings of what this will look like? 
A: There are! But these are for illustration purposes only. As any illustration this could change before the final plan is made. Rendering 1  Site Map Rendering

Q: Will there be pedestrian/bicycle access? 
A: We are evaluating options to have pedestrian/bicycle access from the Jersey Village residential areas to Village Center.

Q: What about the water bill payment box that is at City Hall today? 
A: A water bill payment box will stay in an easily accessibly location in the same general area it is currently located. 

If you have questions that aren't answered here let us know!

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