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Frequently Asked Questions About The New Security Cameras

Recently the City of Jersey Village installed cameras throughout the community. You have may have noticed a few of them around. There have been some questions as to what data is being captured and how it is being used. We’ve put together a list of FAQ’s. If you still have questions after reading this you can reach out to Police Chief Kirk Riggs with any other questions you may have.


Safety Camera FAQ’s

Why have we installed these cameras:

These cameras were installed to act as a force multiplier by providing an additional set of eyes throughout the community. Much like the many hundreds of home security cameras, these are always on and they always read plates. We are using these cameras to relate vehicles to specific crimes in our community. This greatly enhances our ability to prosecute offenders who commit crime in our jurisdiction.

What data does the camera capture?

These only capture the reading of the plate itself (including temporary and paper plates) along with a series of several pictures. These are not video cameras and they don’t contain any speed measuring equipment. They are not designed or used for any traffic related issues, which is not allowed under Texas law anyway.

What does the city do with the data:

We do not keep the data and the data is not sold. The data is kept in an off-site, CJIS-approved location and it is automatically deleted after 30 days. The only use for this data is to prevent crime and prosecute those who commit crimes. There are no analytics involved with system. It merely captures the picture of the vehicle and the plate. We search the database by using the date and time, or if known, the make and model of a suspect vehicle.

How many cameras are we installing?

We are installing 48 cameras throughout the city.

Where did the funding come from for this project:

The funds came from the Crime Control and Prevention District though the ½ cent sales tax captured specifically for crime prevention enhancements.

What have our results been so far:

Even with the system not completely installed, we have recovered one stolen car, cleared a case of a burglary of a motor vehicle, and we have solid suspect information on a robbery. Clearly, it has been a welcome addition to our arsenal of tools to combat crime in our community.