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Request for Proposals - Number 2021 - 06 - Three (3) Emergency Backup Generators
This is a formal Request for Proposal for the City of Jersey Village (here after “the City”) to obtain proposals from qualified contractors for the sale of three back up emergency generators, one at the Jersey Village Fire Station, one at the Jersey Village Police Station, and one at the Jersey Village - Village Drive Water Treatment Plant, conforming to the specifications stated in this proposal and all work necessary to complete the installation of the emergency generator at each location. (hereafter “the project”). Each Submittal requires completion of all sections of this form. 

Sealed packets containing the required information/documents to include 1 hard copy and 1 digital copy will be received in the office of the City of Jersey Village, City Secretary until 2:00 PM on August 24, 2021 and opened immediately in that office in the presence of the City Secretary, City of Jersey Village. The packet is to be delivered to the City Secretary, City of Jersey Village, 16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village, TX 77040. Any packet received after 2:00 PM on the date specified will be returned unopened. 

There will be a mandatory pre-proposal meeting on August 10, 2021 at 2:00 PM in the Civic Center Meeting Room located at 16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village, Texas  77040.
All packets must contain the following “RFP 2021-06 – Generator Project”

Respondent's name and return address should be prominently displayed on the envelope.

The RFP specifications can be obtained online by clicking HERE.